Kevin Williams


March, 1984



Snitch Biography:

Why he is a rat or his case in general. Many people actually confuse him with the individual he informed on as well. So for the Toronto youth and those out the blue who want to understand, I will be going into a lot of detail in this conflicting case.

Kevin Williams, better known as Mayhem Morearty, is a Jamaican immigrant to Toronto who is a rapper,artist, songwriter hailing the Lawrence Heights neighborhood in Toronto's West End. This neighborhood is better known as "The Jungle". He was quite popular when he first appeared on the scene, releasing several mix-tapes which gained local acclaim and influencing young kids around his region. His music reflecting the gang culture and violent rhetoric he was exposed to around his neighborhood. He was so influential that in 2009, the Ontario Arts Council awarded the 31-year-old rap artist with a $6,500 grant for his music. Things started to change from this point. His reputation hardened when he was involved in a August 2010 robbery. Mayhem and his girlfriend Sarah Patsula faced three charges each in connection with the robbery at Arax Jewelers near Eglinton Avenue East and Bayview Avenue. A third suspect was also involved, he is believed to have shot one of the store employees during the heist. It was later discovered that this third suspect is Mayhem's close friend/associate Mark Moore.

His world took a completed 180 regarding his relationship with Mark Garfield Moore. Mark Moore, better known as "Prezidenteeh" is a serial killer from Toronto's West End, he was known for his cold blooded shootings of four innocent black Canadian civilians for no apparent agenda. The victims were Jahmeel Spence, Courthney Facey, Mike James and Carl Cole, who were all killed between June and November 2010. Mark Moore was also in the midst of building a rap career for himself during this period, going by names like "Mark Moore" and "Prezidenteeh". He was given the moniker "Prezidenteeh" after he was shot in his face with an AK-47 at a point which had his left cheek disfigured. Kevin Williams/Mayhem Morearty became a Crown witness and informant against his former associate Mark Moore. Fearing for his life this decision got him ostracized by his community for breaking its code of silence. Mayhem portrayed a lifestyle appropriating habituating violence, murder, robberies, only for fear to turn him the opposite direction. Mark Garfield Moore was arrested with 54 firearms related charges, some regarding the robbery previously mentioned as well as four counts of first degree murder. Williams was a witness to two out of the four murders. In his statement he said he did it for the money rather than witnessing two innocent black civilians getting murdered off their appearance. Since then hes been regarded as a low life with no morale. Williams was released from prison after informing only to face charges later on and be put back into the system.

Now lets dissect this, Mark Garfield Moore had this habit of shooting someone for "being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time". He had no sympathy and shot individuals who appeared to look like the intended target he is originally aiming for. "Sparky" was what Mayhem called him initially when he first got to know him, becoming business partners since. The first murder occurred on September 10th, 2010 on a lane-way off 30 Greenbrae Circuit in the Scarborough region of Toronto. 27 Year Old Jahmeel Spence, who was at a family barbeque around the corner, went to purchase a drink off a local Daisy Mart. When he turned the corner to head back, Mark Moore shot him dead 7 times for nothing. Whilst this happened, Mayhem heard on the news and texted Mark saying, "LOL you're crazy" as if it was funny. The second and third murder was a double murder, it happened September 29th, 2010 on a lane-way on 1798 Weston Road, 18 year old Courthney Facey and 23 year old Mike James were killed for nothing. Mayhem was with Moore when this happened, encouraging him as they both jumped up and down in joy of innocent black kids dying. Take in how they were 30, killing kids at the pinnacle of their youth who graduated high school. The last murder occurred on November 24th, 2010 around Scarbrough's Greenbrae Circuit, the victim was 45 year old Carl Cole who was shot a cold 15 times by Moore. Both parties did not know each-other. Mayhem learned about this through texts with Mark. It was after this Mayhem learned that Mark was killing people for street credentials. No victim was a gang member or had a criminal record.

The snitching begins when Mayhem's conscious basically says "Well I didn't pull the trigger, maybe I'll get 12 instead of 25 years for being on the scene of the crime". Mayhem was uneasy and struggling, in about 45 minutes into an interview with the lead inspector in the case he revealed it was "Sparky" who did all the murders. Since then Mayhem had been regarded as a definite informant. Mayhem contemplated turning Mark in since the first killing and says he could've prevented the rest. After his official release, he was forced to leave Toronto, or else he would be killed.

Kevin Williams allegedly came in contact with Mark Moore in a cell later on where he was beaten to the point of crying for mercy. Guards had unintentionally placed him in the same cell as the individual he informed on. Williams since had decided on suing the justice system for the incident. Upon this was when he left the city.

Kevin Williams/Mayhem Morearty vocally explained the entire story on TVO's "Some Sort of Judas":

To be serious, both individuals are garbage, goofballs and a waste of life and talent. Especially Mark and I say this because Mark Moore, Prezidenteeh, the serial killer, had called Crime Stoppers on himself after he was arrested to tell the inspectors on the other end that he was a "good person". In turn turning into a snitch himself.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican
Height: 5.11
Weight: 170
Tattoos: ?
Clothing Style: prep
Sexual Orientation: asexual

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