Jamestown or Liberty village where he frequents by

Snitch Biography:

This particular gentleman isn't your average snitch.
Kiko a.k.a Francis Maniqui is a low life who scams and schemes anyone and everyone.

He's been in the country for 27 years and has not even been a contributing citizen to society but only a menace and an abuser.

Since being in Canada his main associations are anyone with a criminal history and loves the activity and being a crook himself, you better not interact with this guy cause he WILL SNITCH!

He's admitted to police officers that he's a confidential informant and has even been on the stand as a witness to testify against people.

Being the previous CRACK head he is, he has acquired super powers of being strong and righteous.
Not only is he a certified snitch but a dead beat father and abuser.
This guy is so good that he can convince anyone that he's the victim of any circumstance when really he's far from it. He constantly has his voice raised and it cracks when he's got verbal diarrhea.

Beware, he's charming and suave for a guy whose not so easy on the eyes.

This snitching deadbeat may get deported and of course being a snitch he needs to befriend those crimes and try to get out of his tentative deportation order.

Everything he has ever said is a complete lie to get what he wants.
He had a girlfriend who completely was abusive to whom he ruined her life. She had a job, had a home, had children she left for this scam artist.
He would often take off not come back for 24-48 hours doing his crime time while she actually supported their baby while he would be out doing nonsense & snitching. Beware, he's very convincing and conniving!

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:

He smokes a lot of Meth, he will do anything for it including ratting out his so called friends.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Filipino
Height: 5'6/ 5'7,
Weight: medium build
Clothing Style: Durty

He's not so easy too look at. Sunken cheek bones from drug use and pocked skin from acne scars. Small eyes, tanned skin and walks on balls of feet LOL

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