Baby Face / baby faker and false accusation maker





Snitch Biography:

Kimberly Crysda faked a pregnancy test on me and for two months basically pretended to be pregnant and threatened to kill the child just to win petty arguments, spent a year accusing me of stalking when i never went anywhere near her or touched her or followed her or did anything to her.
Just for revenge she falsely accused me of stalking and won even though all i did was try and warn her boyfriend she was faking a pregnancy again.
now my life is ruined because she has legal aid in her family and i had never been to court up until that date.
After court was over i heard twice she went back to faking pregnancies and has accused two men of abusing her who probably didnt. she basically does what she wants and turns on the tears for the police if you find a problem with it.
It was only a six month relationship and this bitch ruined my life just to win an argument.
Thinks shes brilliant because the cops will basically get weak in the knees everytime she plays the victim.
I never stalked this bitch and I f**king regret meeting her.
They lied in the police report and said that i had been standing across the street staring at her which never happened.
I never sent her an envelope with no return address, I am broke and poor and was wiped out by this woman

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: bland
Sexual Orientation:straight

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