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Parkaville West Australia

Snitch Biography:

Sells meth and Dexies for last 15 years conned her husband out of his house while he was working in the mines had her French boyfriend staying there eventually got that property and another. Hooked up with a pretend bikie Keith they brag about the amount of meth they have the OPSM other Peoples money crew or Toe Cutters or Hitting a Lick is what you call it checked them out and decided they were too small too bother they are very low lower rung on the ladder using there product , they are so scummy there poweer was cut off so she arranged a friend of 30 -plus years too have there house robbed and too steal there electricity too grow there Hydro, when suposedly caught a offence which means you loose your property the cops have not charged them which means they have gone dog/snitch and robbed in every one else they are aiming at the Gypsy Jokers who would not touch these poser wanna be's and I dislike bikies and meth dealers but too make matters worse this cheap trashy creature threatened her friend of thirty years plus she would tell the Police she set up the electricity so she looses there house because her friend defended the person she accused of robbing them in , Total filth the Police have said the case is closed if they really found over a hundred plants it automatic taking of the property so she is a dog or as Americans call them snitches we call them dogs as they lick arseholes and eat there own and each others shit, people who manipulate the Police and the system all the while using and selling drugs ripping people off and pretending too be tough threatening 60 year old women are the lowest of the low

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Kirsteen Jamieson