Donut Dave, Idiot, Retarded Southern Milkshake




Brandon, Flowood & Jackson, Mississippi (America)

Snitch Biography:

I've submitted a lot of these for Golden Snitches that I basically founded the Golden Snitches "Racist" archive. With that pride aside, back to the topic, if you aren't aware in 2018; Upon Trump's presidency, a phenomenon in America started to develop. This phenomenon is basically individuals are calling police on people of color for the most mundane situations such as selling water without a "permit" (as per Alison Ettel, a previous Golden Snitches alumni has done).

In this case we introduce an idiot, and his name is Kyle A. Thomas. Who and why is this man here? Well what we do is the general dissection. Kyle Thomas is a resident of Brandon, Mississippi. He is a Radiology Tech major post education. He currently works at the "Mississippi Baptist Medical Center", well "worked" as of what I'm about to tell you, as a "Radiation Therapist". He has a fiance, or is married, that information is a bit hazy based off what I've come to know of him.

So why is he here, well to be brief, He was caught on video using the n-word multiple times while screaming at a black woman at a donut shop. The donut shop is located in Flowood, Mississippi.

Thomas can be seen in scrubs in the video, which is about a minute long. As Thomas argues with an employee of the donut shop, another woman who works there, Keaundrea Wardlaw, films him. Thomas then turns his attention toward Wardlaw and says, “shut your f*cking mouth.” She responds, “who are you talking to?” He then replies, “you’re a child, shut up.” She then calls him a “son of a b*tch” and says “you don’t talk to me that way.” Thomas then begins to leave the store while telling the employees, “I will be back to talk to your manager.”

On his way out of the store, Thomas drops his keys or phone to the ground and stops to pick them up. Thomas then yells at Wardlaw, “You’re a n*gger. You’re a n*gger, shut up.” She yells back at him, “oh I’m a n*gger? now I’m a n*gger? And you’re a b*tch. Say it again.” He then says, “n*gger,” twice more before walking out the door to his car.

Kyle Thomas Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCRbY7gB05E

A major mistake. See unbeknownst to him, he noticed how she was recording and continued to use racial slurs. He showed his true colors for the world to see. I mean the world because after he was filmed, the film went viral on social media. This was when Kyle Thomas, the idiot, deleted his social media account after he was identified by social media users. Before he deleted his Facebook page, he wrote a statement saying, “I am so sorry, there is nothing I can say that will change what I said. I drove back up there and tried to apologize and she had gone. I regret every word that I said there is no excuse to every say these horrible things. I only hope that by me sharing a public apology in this incident you could show me some grace. I was upset about another issue and it spilled over into this and I can’t apologize enough”

Former classmates of his in high school caught wind of this and exposed him saying he was like this during those days as well, further shaming him. This was when his workplace caught wind of the incident and eventually fired him in a statement shown above in one of the pictures.

The south is really changing, slowly however, ever since Trump's presidency.. you see a rise in classical conservative southerners calling out the racism of other southerners especially when it comes to people of color. You can appreciate a little of that I guess. For this instance however, all I can say is you did this to yourself kiddo.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 127 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Country Boy
Sexual Orientation: Does Prostate Exams?

Social Media Links:

Deactivated Social Media Upon Firing.