Mayhem or Luka magnotta boyfriend


Jan 1980


Highgate Ont Canada

Snitch Biography:

Exposing this snitch only discredits his credibility to the police and in court.

Laird Atkins is a low life snitch and a racist the proof is in the text messages.
Also I’ve added screenshots as proof.
He’s been threatening me with the police.
You can read the text messages yourself and see that this guy is a snitch.

Numerous people have told me that he has snitched on them and threaten to snitch them out.
There is more proof that is attached in the photographs and screenshots above and below.
Laird talks about biker’s when he is on such a low level of knowledge about these things, we know the people he is talking about and threatening people with are not associated with this piece of s**t
my family are those people lmao.

Just to give you a rundown on Laird, he is 40 years old, lives with his mom on 0DSP/Ontario Disability Special Benefits.
He abuses his mother and sells her pills that she needs desperately for pain.

Laird has come to my property and broke things like a bi**h when I am not there and also has threatened me with the police.

Afterwards Laird was saying that I’ve done stuff, which is not true.

Laird is telling me in the text message below that people he knows are going to call the police on me for him if I don’t pay him for who knows what?
I did not call the police but I did save screenshots of our conversation when he was threatening to break my stuff and then he’s also on camera breaking things and was seen by neighbors.
We just felt sorry for him we where hoping that he would just go away because people were telling us that he has anger problems.
I think he said something about a tire he is fixing.
I guess he doesn’t have the money so he is trying to extort me.

(proof he is a snitch is posted below and above.)

(Information that will discredit this informant in court!!

Laird is known to seal or break
peoples stuff and then turnaround and call the police on on them,
or to have people who don’t even know what’s going on involved,
he convinces them to lie for him or tricks them to call the police to try to get the person he is trying to bully arrested,
because he can’t do anything to them himself face to face only break their property when there not there or try to get them falsely arrested.
If anybody called the police and said they seen me it would be an impossible, because I’ve never met any of them before in my life and I was in Toronto my lobby on camera (cctv) so the only person that can snitch and lie is Laird because he’s the only one who met me before!!!

Laird lives with his mom by doing so it puts her in danger she should kick him out he’s 40+ years old and makes her work and lives off her.
Laird is is also violent but weak and scared.
He just stabbed someone in the chest he attacked him and tried to break his stuff and then ran away lol,
he was caught pulled out a weapon and started acting like a basketball player yelling it’s over now scared to death trying to run away with a weapon in his hand.

Even though he had a weapon he still got punched, kicked then he ran to his bike and took off the back to his moms house, where he came out with an weapon again and ran inside his moms house not caring what happens to his mom smh.
Sometimes people have to pay for the bad things they do to people Laird can do what he likes because he is a snitch

Laird Atkins is using motorcycle clubs names yelling on the street saying that he’s going to send them after people and sending pictures of their insignia.
Proof it posted below.
No one even sell him a sons of anarchy shirt lmao.

Laird is the true definition of a snitch.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Fake Italian
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 190
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: Do they make it for men?
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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