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Lam Kai-man convicted rapist who is a Hong Kong police informer he forced a teenager to have sex with him.

A convicted rapist and a Hong Kong police informer who forced a teenager into having sex was jailed for five years and two months on Tuesday. Salesman Lam Kai-man, 33, who had only been released from prison three months earlier, lured his 18-year-old victim to a love hotel in August 2017 before starting his deception. Lam had paid the college student, known as X in court, HK$3,500 (US$450) for “compensated dating” but then demanded the money back claiming he was collecting intelligence for police and “seizing it as evidence”. Lam had met her through social media, the High Court heard. Lam told his victim she would be free to go if she had sex.

He also made X hold his hand, saying he was performing his duties.
She had to pretend to be his girlfriend so his colleagues, who was monitoring them, would not suspect she was engaged in compensated dating, he said to her.

Lam previously pleaded guilty to one count of procuring an unlawful act by threats or intimidation, an offense that should be a maximum jail term of 14 years.

Prosecutor Neil Mitchell earlier said Lam met X, a higher diploma student, through social media app Instagram. He then arranged to meet her in person.

Lam took her to a love hotel in Kwun Tong. He then took a photograph of her identity card to make sure she was not underage. As they became more intimate, Lam suddenly revealed he was a police informer and was collecting intelligence on compensated dating, an arrangement where one person pays another for companionship and often sexual relations.

He would let her go, Lam told X, if she had sex with him. He continued to contact X, asking for sexual intercourse after the assault. X contacted a social worker for help.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Kongese
Height: 5,7
Weight: 155
Clothing Style: plan
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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