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Miami Florida

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This police officers behavior was disgusting and this happens in the USA and Canada quit often unfortunately the victims don’t know there rights and believe there voice won’t be heard.
police officers who are corrupt must be exposed just like snitches they are responsible for millions of people’s lives whom have been oppressed for many years this type of behavior must be stoped.
Miami-Dade police sergeant Manuel Regueiro was caught suddenly slapping a handcuffed teenager in the face, the police officer was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor battery, prosecutors announced.
Officer Alex Gonzalez was also charged with a count of third-degree felony tampering with evidence, and misdemeanor petty theft.

Officer Manuel Regueiro was not jailed. Because the case is a misdemeanor, he was mailed a court date. Gonzalez surrendered, spent a few hours in jail and posted a $6,000 bond.

The charges were the latest in a series of criminal cases in Miami-Dade against police officers in on-duty attacks caught on video camera.
Two others officers — one from Miami, another from Miami-Dade — are facing trials in unrelated cases involved kicks directed at handcuffed suspects and members of the public.

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Ethnicity/Race: background Greece
Height: 5,11
Weight: 190lbs
Tattoos: yes
Clothing Style: Mini Putter
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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