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Weston Road and Frequents Greenbrae Circuit, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Snitch Biography:

"Never worried about rat n****s hug a Presidenteeh face shot" - Pengz ~ Griselda Blanco

Ive already covered Mayhem Morearty with clear detail on another post so Ill direct you to it.

Link: https://goldensnitches.com/kevin-williams/

So you didn't think I would cover one waste of life without another. Oh no, they are both a two in one package, both of them are snitches and Ill explain in full detail with evidence because this case will make you scratch your head and laugh alot. I had a field day with this one.

So a brief summary:

Mark Moore is a notorious serial shooter in Toronto. Mark hails the Weston Road area of Toronto, it is the place he spent most of his adolescence in. He was also a rapper in his part time, went by the name Presidenteeh. The name was a moniker used from when he got shot in his face with an AK 47 at a younger age which caused his disfigured jawline. He had a best friend, a notorious confidential informant known as Kevin Williams or Mayhem Morearty.

Back to his serial killings:

His spree started on August 9, 2010, Moore and Williams hold up Arax Jewellers and take $250,000 – $500,000 worth of items. A clerk was shot when hit by a ricocheting bullet. Williams claims that Moore stiffed him when the loot was divided and that’s why he became an informant.

Mark Garfield Moore had this habit of shooting someone for "being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time". He had no sympathy and shot individuals who appeared to look like people he had a grudge with. "Sparky" was what Mayhem called him initially when he first got to know him, becoming business partners since. The first murder occurred on September 10th, 2010 on a lane-way off 30 Greenbrae Circuit in the Scarborough region of Toronto. 27 year old Jahmeel Spence, who was at a family barbeque around the corner, went to purchase a drink off a local Daisy Mart. When he turned the corner to head back, Mark Moore shot him dead 7 times for nothing. Whilst this happened, Mayhem heard on the news and texted Mark saying, "LOL you're crazy" as if it was funny. The second and third murder was a double murder, it happened September 29th, 2010 on a lane-way on 1798 Weston Road, 18 year old Courthney Facey and 23 year old Mike James were killed for nothing. Mayhem was with Moore when this happened, encouraging him as they both jumped up and down in joy of innocent black kids dying. Take in how they were 30, killing kids at the pinnacle of their youth who graduated high school. The last murder occurred on November 24th, 2010 around Scarbrough's Greenbrae Circuit, the victim was 45 year old Carl Cole who was shot a cold 15 times by Moore. Both parties did not know each-other. Mayhem learned about this through texts with Mark. It was after this Mayhem learned that Mark was killing people for street credentials. No victim was a gang member or had a criminal record.

At this point Kevin Williams aka Mayhem Morearty, partner of Mark Moore, has his guilty conscience tell him to inform on his partner. So he does. On April 30, 2013, Williams is inexplicably placed in a courthouse cell with Moore while waiting to give evidence against him. Williams leaves on a stretcher instead of testifying. His beaten picture is the main picture you see when you go to his Golden Snitches page. On March 26, 2014, Mark Moore is sentenced to 12 years for the robbery of Arax Jewellers. Williams testifies against Moore and receives a reduced sentence of 10 years.

On May 30, 2015, Mark Moore found guilty of four counts of murder based on Williams’ testimony. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

Now here's where the fun begins. How is he a snitch? Well while he was in jail, serial killer Mark Moore used a jailhouse phone to call Crime Stoppers anonymously. Basically he called with a fake name, Christopher Parker. Lool. He then explained how he was a good guy in third person and even pointed his fingers to two fake people using made up street names, Slinky and Reds. I'm not making this up, full convo is above. He closed it off with saying how he is concerned about the guy in jail (that guy being himself).

Full video with call: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2657995529/

Go enjoy the serial killer turned snitch ratting on made up people. Guess he couldn't handle that life sentence, man needed a reduction. Mayhem Morearty and Prezidenteeh are notorious for one thing though. Being the two biggest wastes of life Toronto had to deal with. Good riddance. He is also confirmed to have raped multiple men behind bars.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican Canadian
Height: 6'0'''
Weight: 187 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: convict
Sexual Orientation: homosexual behind bars

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