Chipotle Bandit, Sneaky Somalian, Dine and Dash Rights




West St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota (America)

Snitch Biography:

Back again, this case is a funny one.
These Somalis man, you just got to laugh.

So if you guys don't know everywhere around the globe there is this weird trend where minorities are getting stereotyped, harassed or having the cops called on them by majority white people, this trend is frequent in America.
Well this case is almost along those lines, but not really. What do I mean? Well I want everybody to welcome, Masud Omar Ali to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame.

A little history into Masud: Masud Omar Ali, born February 23rd, 1997, is a 21 year old (as of 2018) Somalian American living in West St. Paul, Minnesota. If you don't know Minnesota has a high influx of Somalian immigrants living there compared to other parts of America. It is considered a "sanctuary state" for Somalian immigrants. (I personally dispute this because I don't like that term) In Masud's case he was born there, making him African American.

Masud Ali is here because of a controversial viral video that garnered attention on November 15th, 2018. In this video, Masud and some of his friends were seen, apparently, being refused service from the local Chipotle after a workout session, on St.Paul, Minnesota.

Full video at face value:


The videos show Ali with a group of friends being refused service by a manager after she accused them of having no money. The manager can be heard saying, “You gotta pay, because you’ve never had any money when you come in here. We’re not gonna make food unless you guys actually have money.” You then see the manager seeming to ignore customers as they continue to accuse her of stereotyping them. They continue to ask for food, than you see the male employee say, "were not gonna make food unless you guys have money." Masud and his friends than get outraged and start shouting at a white customer who payed for food after the fact asking, "Why didn't you have to pay first?!". Than a new white customer arrives and theres another back and forth, Masud and friends ask her why she has her food served first before paying. The manager laughs it off and apologizes to the new customer, because of the harassment she will get her meal for free. Masud than shows evidence that he has the money to pay, showing some bills and his debit card and questioning the new customer's "freebie". Masud than posted all of this to his twitter, tweeting directly to Chipotle and exposing the location.

Afterwards, Chipotle tweets back to Ali, assuring him that the situation that happened here doesn't meet Chipotle standards in customer service and terminated the manager. They than said, "the manager thought these were the same customers from Tuesday night who hadn't payed for their meal".

Looks all nice right. Well heres where this situation gets funny in a bad way. After Ali's twitter videos and tweets went viral some twitter user took it upon themselves to dig up Ali's past tweets. In these old tweets, Ali bragged about Dining and Dashing in the past. Yup the power of social media people. Ali bragged how he found it interesting, saying hes "borrowing food", and than in a suspicious tweet dating back to 2016 which he says, "I think Chipotle is catching up to us fam, should we change locations? lool". After those tweets were screen-capped and posted multiple times, Ali combed through his twitter deleting his old tweets and changing his profile picture to all black.

The "Miami Herald" picked up on Masud's story and combed further into Masud discovering that Masud is on probation for THEFT. Screenshots in the evidence part. Most of the crimes are for traffic and parking violations. His most recent case record is dated January 12, 2018.

One conviction was for misdemeanor theft — court resolution notes include what appears to be a no-trespassing order “from WSP Walmart” (West Saint Paul Walmart). Sentencing was on 11/25/2015 during which a payment plan was instituted. A reminder notice was sent on 1/12/2016. A probation violation hearing was set for 3/1/2017. A warrant was issued on 05/31/2017 and quashed on 06/5/2017. Another probation violation hearing occurred on 10/05/2017 during which time the defendant admitted to the violation and paid the $360 total financial assessment. The judicial officer was Judge Richelle M. Wahi.

Since than a Go Fund Me was created for manager, Dominique, to get her job back and it was widely successful.

Go Fund Me: https://www.change.org/p/group-help-chipotle-manager-get-job-back

Chipotle reevaluated their decision and even opted to offer her job back. I personally don't think its wise for Dominique to even work there anymore.

In the end, this Mali took a huge L which ended up backfiring on him so bad hes being shamed by the whole world. This kid is a loser. I honestly can't stand kids like this who try to hype up their bad behavior just to play some sort of victim card when put in situations such as this. No integrity, no good qualities. He even enforced the stereotype that Somalians are starving to the point they gotta steal. African Americans shamed him saying he is the reason people downplay the real racist situations. In terms of the manager, I hope she finds another position. After reviewing the video and seeing a black employee there, I can honestly say she is not a racist and she was wrongfully harmed. She is also Latino descent and is a huge fan of Xxxtentacion, a black artist.

As the Somali saying goes:
Waran Kugu Soo Noqon doona lama Rido. Don’t throw a spear that can come back to you.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Somalian American
Height: 5'10''
Weight: Starving Bony Mali (98 Lbs)
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Mali Thief
Sexual Orientation: Dine and Dash

Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Masudaliii