Mathieu Boissoneault




Thedfordm Mines

Snitch Biography:

Went into hiding while a warrant was out for his arrest, he offered his drug dealing partner the business they built together the whole operation while in hiding, after 6 months on the run he surprisingly turns up a free man, no longer has to hide and complains he wants to be head of operations in their drug dealing posse after 6 months of absence... His partner and all other members of the posse refusing to let him back into their affairs he got frustrated and angry at his ex criminal business partner and attempted to secretly snitch on his ex friend/ P.I.C... the truth came out when his ex (the mother of his son) confessed to his ex partners in crime that he was in fact the snitch.
This was a year or more after the facts and had no reason to lie considering he was an absent father and had been missing without giving anybody news.
He had supposedly gone after being warned to leave town by local motorcycle and street gangs in the area of his crimes.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian
Weight: 165
Height: 5’8
Tattoos: neck(left side)
Clothing Style: wannabe gangster
Sexual Orientation: straight

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