Grafx aka Mark aka Matthew Lihou




Main and danforth, scarborough and downtown

Snitch Biography:

Matthew Lihou is a police informant,
41 division is where he gets his money when he’s not doing tattoos.
He's also rated people out after being detained, he was released several days on bail after blaming everything on the crack dealers to police as a means to lessen his own repercussions.
He is extremely dangerous through the St.Josephs Physc Ward, Matthew is scytsophrinic, with extreme bi-polar and is highly dangerous.
He just finished doing only months for breaking into his bf's house, to where he beat and stabbed her in her sleep.

Not one time, but left her for nearly dead 3 times. Matthew is also a serious drug addict- crack, powder and chrystal meth.

Hs known to beat his past women as well. He is known as a cheater and has passed on gonorrhea, and never gave the respect to tell his other ex, she is no longer able to ever have children!!! Please stay clear of this man!
He has been in and out of mental institutions, and does not take his meds.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: half black and scottish
Height: 6ft
Weight: 250 pounds
Tattoos: covered
Clothing Style: trucker
Sexual Orientation:

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