Melvin Douglas, Bad Boy, Noooobody


March 9th, 1933



Snitch Biography:

In the picture above that’s Mel Lastman standing beside Donald Trump.
In the other picture that’s Mel Lastman flirting with men at a gay party.

To make a long story short Mel Lastman had two kid’s who worked at 14 to survive while Mel Lastman was a millionaire.

The woman who he had his two children with was left to raise them on her own with no financial support from Mel Lastman.

Scared that his piggy bank might crack open and a penny might fall out. Mel Lastman went before the media and snitched on the whole family, saying they were going after him for millions of dollars when all they wanted was to have some form of communication with their father.

So basically he had two kids with a woman who worked for him at his bad boy furniture store.
The children lived in poverty having to work at 14 years old to survive while he made millions of dollars.
Mel Lastman owned 28 bad boy stores by the time he was 30 years old.

So the children were grown and they wanted to meet their father, Lastman decided to go before cameras and called a media conference saying to the whole world that, “These men are after me for money.”

The media filmed Mel Lastman’s grandchildren, his great-grandchildren, and the children that he left behind to survive on their own while he lived a lavish bisexual lifestyle.

Mel ended up looking bad and he always pretended to be such a good family man to the media. So to pull a move like that was the biggest mistake of his career shortly after he snitched he resigned as mayor of Toronto.

Lastman snitched on his children, the woman he had a relationship with for 12 years, his grandchildren he has never met, and his great grandchildren that he will never meet. Lastman is the worst type of snitch there is - the kind of snitch that will snitch on their own family over money.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jewish
Height: 5ft 7
Weight: 160
Tattoos: A bowl of fruit on his back
Clothing Style: Corporate
Sexual Orientation: bisexual for voters

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