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If you don't know, or aren't paying attention to American politics... American politics and news in 2018 is like a literate reality show at the moment. The star, none other than the President Donald Trump himself.

This one goes into alot of explaining, it involves tapes and allegations and confirmations of snitching etc. It all resonates around one guy in particular who unexpectedly risen to the top of the food chain for news today, Trump's now former lawyer, Michael Dean Cohen.

For starters, Russia hacked the Democratic National Convention, how? Russia used a tactic called "spear-phishing" where they sent a phishing email (a fake email that looks legitimate sort of like one of those fake pay-pal emails that are scams) to an employee at the Democratic National Campaign Committee.
The email looked like a Google security alert asking that employee to log in and change the password. The employee thinking it was legitimate clicked on it and the email sent out malware which took screenshots of emails, keys, words, codes, research back to Russia. Russia basically did this to validate Hillary as a "crooked" opponent to Trump, securing Trump's victory as well as gather more Intel on America. Now Trump is being investigated for his ties with Russia and those in his team who may have been in contact with Russia during that period. Yup lots of shady things happening. The Trump-Russia investigation showcases a different star seemingly every week. This week’s big player is Trump Organization lawyer Michael D. Cohen, whose emails with the Kremlin about building a Trump Tower in Moscow have landed him on front pages and on MSNBC.

President Donald Trump has denied trying to do business in Russia. But Cohen confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee in a statement that the Trump Organization considered a “Trump Tower Moscow” proposal in the months from September 2015 to January 2016, but dropped it. Cohen copped to it after a leak of his January 2016 email to the Kremlin, asking for help with a Trump Tower project in Moscow. At the time, Trump was dominating the GOP primary contenders in debates but hadn’t yet won a primary.

Yesterday CNN published a report claiming that according to anonymous sources, Michael Cohen alleges that Trump actually did have knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting. According to that report, "Cohen alleges that he was present along with several others, when Trump was informed of Russian's offer by Trump Jr By Cohen's account Trump approved going ahead with the meeting with the Russians. The sources also going on to say that he was willing to give this information to Robert Mueller, the attorney tasked with the Russia investigation. If this was true, it would be a massive deal because it would show that Trump wasn't telling the truth regarding his knowledge of the meeting. Rudy Giuliani chimed in on him, calling Cohen a liar, which is hypocritical because he used to back Cohen in the past.

Now I'm not going to dissect his personal life because that would be a long read, you can search online for that. I'm only going to explain why everybody, especially conservatives and Trump himself are calling him a confidential informant and more importantly what is this "tape"?!

Trumps whole stance on Russia is that they did not meddle with the election regardless if the FBI and other legitimate sources have evidence to prove that they did. Trump has since continued to antagonize his now former lawyer. Why is Cohen in hot water with Trump is a question people are asking? Well it has to do with some tapes. On April 27, 2018, the FBI raided Michael Cohen. As many as 16 mobile phones were seized by the FBI when agents raided Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel, a prosecutor has revealed. Thomas McKay, who is leading the criminal investigation of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, told a judge the law enforcement agency was on track to hand over copies of all seized materials to Mr Cohen’s lawyers by 11 May.
He said the FBI had already turned over the contents of four phones and an iPad, and that the agency had “about a dozen left”.

Federal authorities have seized more than 100 recordings made by Cohen, including the bombshell tape CNN published on Tuesday that appeared to feature the president discussing a payoff to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, the Washington Post reports. While Trump makes a cameo in fragments of these recordings, the tape that’s been released is the only one that includes a substantive conversation between the two men, sources tell the Post’s Philip Rucker, Carol Leonnig, Tom Hamburger, and Ashley Parker. A number of the recordings reportedly capture discussions that Cohen had with journalists who were asking about Trump, while others may have included talk that sometimes touched on Trump and his business practices. The most explosive of the known recordings is a nearly three-minute conversation between Cohen and his boss, Trump. The conversation details a few things, including how to purchase the rights to the story of a former Playboy model who alleges she had an affair with Trump. Cohen is also heard on the September 2016 tape discussing an effort to unseal divorce documents between Trump and his first wife, Ivana, along with polling numbers.

This is why Trump dropped his ties with Cohen, basically Cohen is being called a rat even by the President himself for recording personal conversations on very personal topics. Trump has called Cohen’s recording of their conversations “inconceivable” and questioned the attorney’s ability to even make them. “Inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client - totally unheard of & perhaps illegal,” he tweeted over the weekend. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets describing Michael Cohen as a rat today. Social media users have been calling Cohen a rat, a “singing canary,” a “slimeball,” and a “cockroach,” among other insults.

The story however doesnt end here, well have to wait and see but oh man these tapes are really exposing Donald Trump. Hoping this reality show which is Trump's presidency just end soon please.

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