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No jail time for Michael Oestmann Denver police officer who is charged with beating a handcuffed suspect unconscious in LoDo bars basement.

Oestmann's use of force investigation began in April after his body camera caught him slamming a 30-year-old assault suspect.

Elise Schmelzer
March 6, 2019 at 6:00 am
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A Denver police corporal charged with assaulting a handcuffed man while he was working an off-duty security job he will serve no jail time and could later have his criminal case dismissed as part of a plea deal with prosecutors office.

Michael Oestmann was charged with misdemeanor assault in May after he was accused of punching the suspect in the face and kneeing him in the chest, putting the man unconscious.

Oestmann was working on April 14 at Jackson’s Hole Bar on 20th Street in Lower Downtown when he detained the man, who was suspected of participating in a bar fight.

The suspect, Kevin Watson, allegedly yelled insults and spat at Oestmann while sitting in the bar’s basement with his hands handcuffed behind him before Oestmann attacked him, a police report showed. Watson was taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts on his face.

Oestmann, 38, pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of misdemeanor menacing as part of the deal, court records show.

His original assault charge carried a maximum sentence of two years in jail while the menacing charge has a maximum of six months of jail time.

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