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Snitch Biography:

Nadia Turturici is a mother of a 6 year old daughter named Sahara that she can’t take care of.
She lives in a disgusting basement apartment that she rents from her 20 year old boyfriends grandmother because she’s going through a separation with her ex Ryan.
She smokes drugs in front of her child and her job is waiting by the mailbox for her child support and spousal support.
She says she sells weed but she only actually sells it when her bf can drive her.

She chokes her child until Sahara is blue in the face begging for her life and let’s her Illegal pit bull run wild and harm her child. She’s a snitch because she makes up lies about her ex husband being a bad father so she can keep her child and continue to abuse her and let her boyfriend do the same.
She posts her daughters naked photos online for perverts to see and then claims harassment when anyone calls her out on it.
She talks a lot of shit meanwhile she can’t even walk or open her hands because she’s disabled.
She asks people to fight her so she can go to the cops and play victim using her mobility issues as a sympathy tactic.

She’s also a stalker and sends threats of going to police 24/7 but claims she’s an OG lol.
Beware of this girl!! Also don’t let your kids play with her daughter Sahara ********* because when your kids go to Sahara’s house to play (NADIA will abuse them and let her boyfriend take them into private rooms and do what he pleases. This family is a safety risk as well as snitches!)

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Egyptian
Height: 4’10
Weight: 100
Tattoos: “moe money moe problems”
Clothing Style: children’s section
Sexual Orientation: dates 20 year old men while going through a divorce

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