Venice Florida, Patterson New Jersey

Snitch Biography:

Naomi Rizzi is a old snitch from the east coast who has been a rat from New Jersey to Venice Florida.
Naomi Rizzi is the wife of ex-cop/snitch Nicholas Rizzi who also lives in Venice Florida. Both Naomi and Nicholas Rizzi are the real parents of homosexual undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi who is better known in CA as Mandee Andree. Nicole Rizzi/Mandee Andree who is the most famous disgraced undercover cop the world has ever seen she is the same undercover cop who blew her own cover while working for the Washington DC MPD while she was on assignment in the protest scene.
Nicole Rizzi was publicly exposed, sued and fired after some Antifa lady and protesters seen her real social media where she had photos of herself and talked about being an undercover cop.
Nicole Rizzi was also heavy into writing fanfiction stories which were more lightweight lesbian porno fantisies for a cop show about some maybe sort of gay cops called (Rizzoli and Isles) of which she shared on public websites such as livejournal, yfrog, tumbler and some other defunked sites.
Her author names were snuffnyc and snufftastic.

This post is to not only expose this undercover Citrus Heights Police Officers real snitch parents and their bio but to also expose this undercover cops real family which are all snitches.
The Rizzi family has a son which is Mandee Andree, Nicole Rizzi's brother who lives in Reno Nevada at 128 Ralston St behind the greyhound who is a snitch for Reno PD and he poses as a Meth dealer in Reno who is using the pseudonym Travis Lisenbee but he will sneak into California and run around with his snitch cop sister under the name Travis Andree.

Naomi and Nicholas Rizzi have other family on the east coast who are all snitches and undercover cops and everyone of them is Undercover Citrus Heights police officer Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree's real family. Nicole Rizzi under her pseudonym of Mandee Andree has other undercover cops in Citrus Heights CA who pose as her parents who go by Jim and Jackie Andree that are both undercover Citrus Heights Police officer who live at 7106 Witchinghour CT Citrus Heights CA 95621 they pose as meth dealers and snitch for the CHPD. I have included photos of Naomi Rizzi and then of bothe Naomi and Nicholas Rizzi together and also a photo of Nicole Rizzi in Citrus Heights while she is undercover posing as Mandee Andree so you can see that this whole snitch family is ugly as sin and they all look identical to the other one, they even have the same huge forehead and balding hairline even the females.
I'll start with Facebook links to Naomi Rizzi and then her dad Nicholas Rizzi then to Nicole Rizzis current facebook under her cover pseudonym and then I will move on to the rest of this undercover Citrus Heights police officers real snitch family. Pat Rizzi Pallotta in Waldwick New Jersey, Michelle Rizzi Hoogerhyde, Jessica Rizzi, Renee Rizzi. Then you have a couple dirtbag snitches from Alaska Holli Kovean and Summer Kocean that this undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi/Mandee Andree and Sergeant Joe Aguilar tried to frame people for which is how Nicole got caught undercover the 2nd time.









The Citrus Heights Police Department are the dirtiest, corrupt cops there are and so are their families.
Nicole Rizzi/Mandee Andree's whole snitch family is how she became a cop and had her foot in the door. She was fired from one department while working undercover only to go to Citrus Heights CA and somehow she got a job as an undercover cop again for the Narcotics unit/task force ran by Joe Aguilar only to get exposed again.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 140
Clothing Style: old geezer
Sexual Orientation:bisexual

Social Media Links: