Tyler: Bossman, BossNyce, ChesterLeVictim Nicholas: Nyckz




Finch Ave East

Snitch Biography:

Long story short:

He ratted on the whole Chester Le after he got his chain robbed.

That Tyler yute is a bitchn*gga with a loud mouth.
Basically he comes from an opp neighborhood and n*ggas from our block caught him lacking on the ones in Bridlewood mall.

So he got robbed for both his chains seen in photos above.

This bitch has a huge ego typical with Jamaicans and claims he is the realest nigga on his ends, so he got his gangster tested.

In reality he is a typical working yute, finishing school, helping his family and never trapped a dime in this city.
He goes by names like Boss or Rich.

After his chain got snatched he ratted to the feds and they raided the whole Chester Le.

The line from Pengz "Griselda Blanco" where it goes:

"Nicky Barnes ass n*gga, n*ggas are trapping and ratting and fucking the game up",
Is thought to be directed to Tyler for ratting on the Le after getting his chain snatched for acting like a trapper.

He currently lives overseas and frequents Toronto occasionally due to this incident.


Nicholas is his little brother who also got his chain and money robbed because of his older bother's reputation (not by Chester Le). Its a shame what acting a like a tough guy would do to you. He is currently living under the repercussions of his brother in Toronto.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican
Height: Under 6 ft
Weight: Medium
Tattoos: Nope
Clothing Style: Feminine, Metrosexual
Sexual Orientation: Battimon

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