Nick Rizzi,


Geezer, 60's


Venice Florida, Patterson New Jersey

Snitch Biography:

Nicholas Rizzi is the father of a homosexual undercover Citrus Heights California Police officer named, Nicole Rizzi who is still currently working undercover for the narcotics unit of the Citrus Heights Police posing as a heterosexual meth dealer in the Sacramento California area under the cover pseudonym (Mandee Andree) she is currently dealing meth and generating cases at 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights, CA 95610.

Nicholas Rizzi is a snitch in the Venice Florida area and was previously snitching for the police in Patterson New Jersey and other areas on the east coast he's how Nicole Rizzi had a foot in the door too become an undercover cop snitch, it runs in the family. Nicholas Rizzi has a son who lives in Reno Nevada who is a snitch for the Reno P.D and he is currently dealing meth under the cover pseudonym (Travis Lisenbee) but has been known to use the alias, (Travis Andree) in California snitching and running around with his sister undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi (Mandee Andree). Nicholas Rizzi's Facebook link is


Nicholas Rizzi's daughter Nicole Rizzi is an internet star and the only undercover cop in world history to be exposed twice in a row in two different states. Nicole Rizzi first was an undercover cop in Washington DC for the MPD until she blew her own cover and as a result she was sued, fired and publicly exposed.
Here are some links to the first time Nicholas Rizzi's daughter Nicole Rizzi was publicly exposed while working undercover.






After all that happened in Washington DC, retired snitch Nicholas Rizzi's Daughter Nicole Rizzi moves to Citrus Heights California and was somehow able to get a job as an undercover cop for the Narcotics unit of the Citrus Heights Police Department which is headed by task force sergeant Joe Aguilar. Nicole Rizzi was using the name (Mandee Andree) and was posing as a heterosexual meth dealer and user until a guy she lived with who she was obviously targeting with the Citrus Heights Police got suspicious and started cruising the internet and discovered a whole bunch of media coverage about a homosexual undercover cop named (Nicole Rizzi) who blew her own cover while on assignment in Washington DC and in the article he was reading there was photos of the undercover cop and he absolutely recognized that the photos of this exposed undercover cop in the article was the woman he had been living with whom he knew as (Mandee Andree) in Citrus Heights CA at 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA space 4 95610 and from that point on she has been getting exposed for the second time.

Now if you are familiar with this story at all or read the provided links you will see that when she was outed in Washington DC she was exposed as an admitted homosexual who claimed to be the biggest lesbian, lesbian who ever lesbianed, were her exact words.
So the important part to take from that is that this Citrus Heights Police Department undercover cop is actually gay in real life but she has been posing as a heterosexual named Mandee Andree which means that any guy that she has, is or will be pretending to have dated or is allegedly dating is also a cop or snitch.
Here is some links to Nicholas Rizzi's daughters snitch daughter Nicole Rizzi's current social media under her cover name of (Mandee Andree) in Citrus Heights CA. There are also links of her getting exposed for the second time and plenty of journalism coverage and proof,









For more on the story you can simply google Nicole Rizzi, Mandee Andree or click on any of the links. You may have to copy and paste the links. It is a very interesting story and it's the biggest deal in the Sacramento California area.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'9
Weight: 220
Tattoos: none
Clothing Style: Beach bum, Suits, Polo shirts, Golfer
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

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