Mandee Andree, Amanda Andree, Nicole Rizzi, Panty, Nico, Missy Thomson




7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610, 7241 Carriage DR Citrus Heights CA 95621 7106 Witchinghour

Snitch Biography:

Mandee Andree is a Snitch, an undercover cop for the Citrus Heights Police Department, her real name is Officer Nicole Rizzi. She used to work for the Washington DC Police department as undercover under the name Missy Thomson but the people she was undercover snitching on found her social media account under her real name (Nicole Rizzi) where she had pictures of her self talking about being a cop all over her social media and describing her day to day routine as an undercover. The protester group exposed her all over the media and internet and sued her and the Washington Police Department and Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree was fired.

She left Washington DC and came to Citrus Heights and despite being publicly exposed all over the internet she was able to get a job with the Citrus Heights Police Department as an undercover and now that I am able to prove it I am exposing her again. Mandee Andree is at all the addresses I listed above selling drugs with dirty patrol cops by the name of Officers Dias, Calderon, Shoberg, Agulair, Page, Moranz, Hatchell, Oldwin, Gore and others with the Citrus Heights Police Department. They are framing people and stealing from the victims they frame. They also have their snitches break into peoples homes and rob them and split the profits. Other undercover cops and snitches involved in this dirty drug dealing operation are Frank Timmons at 7454 Kanai Ave Citrus Heights CA 95621, Robert Wessels at 7421 Carriage DR Citrus Heights CA 95621, Jim and Jackie Andree at 7106 Witchinghour DR citrus Heights CA 95621 - those are Mandee Andree's cover parents being as her real name is Nicole Rizzi they are obviously also cops and every one of these addresses are cop operations dope selling informer and set up houses, so is 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610 other undercover cops that live at 7721 dealing drugs are the maintenance man Koke Conners in#27 Paul Wilt, Jim Pearson, the owners Brett and Larry Axelbaum, Mike Lyda, and informer Tabatha Sherman.

I will include plenty of links to prove every word of what I have said. Everyone in Mandee Andrees friend lists on social media are all bad and so is everyone else I listed. I will provide more proof and links to her previous exposure and her social media. I will also include links to the big bust she was involved in, in Roseville CA that Roseville Police lied about how they stumbled upon this bust randomly, what they didn't say was how undercover Mandee Andree and Mike Johnson were inside setting up and entrapping these people as you will see both his and her name in the list of people caught in the bust.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Looks white but shes an other
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Tattoos: Hello Kitty, Black Widow, Beautiful Disaster
Clothing Style: dirty
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Lesbian

Social Media Links: