Young Nits


Late 20’s as of 2019


Toronto, moved to Florida to hide

Snitch Biography:

Nitin Tailor is a weird creepy snitch and pervert - a bad combination. This guy has a disease which you can tell just by looking at him and because of this he gets no girls whatsoever and most mans won’t kick it with this guy either because they can tell he’s weird and a loser. The only reason anyone has ever talked to this freak is because of sports and that’s why he’s so into all sports and it’s all he talks about because it’s the only way he has to connect to anyone. He’s really just hiding his perverted and snitch tendencies we know.

So how does he snitch? Well he is a super dry snitch meaning often he won’t directly snitch to authorities but does things to get people caught. It might be gossiping with someone and he gives info to be cool or have you like him or saying things on social media. Sometimes he is also involved in situations, fights or drugs, and he just tells openly or says he will get police involved if you bring the problems he created to him on some real. He even left Toronto because of these problems. Now taking a 3rd run at education at Florida Atlantic desperately trying to escape problems and get a job.

Really snitching the way he isn’t even the worst part, the man is a rapist. All he does is try to throw drinking parties with younger people so he can get little girls messed up and then sexually assault them. This man hosts all these keggers and beer pong parties then when the ladies are drunk he starts touching them and trying to get them alone. Dudes see this and he gets all weird and bitchy when they come around really at all. Knows they will c**kblock his rapist creep ways unless they’re one of his fellow rapist friends who was charged with sexual assault before and is one of his best boys. Left the country because he knows people want to eat his food for type of grimy moves he makes. Typical uni to college bad grades story no career trying to be something he can never be can’t last a real job longer than a few months usually. The kind of older loser trying to stay cool and be able to get minors and just barely legals so he can intoxicate them, possibly drug them (we heard a story or two about this) and do his creepy stuff. He knows if they are sober and take one look at him and how gross he is they will be gone. Alcoholic, snitching, perverted creep. For your safety stay away from him at all times. He shouldn’t be around anyone young or intoxicated especially. Will snitch just because he can and makes him feel better about his sad life.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: brown
Height: 6ft
Weight: slightly over
Tattoos: unknown
Clothing Style: sports apparel
Sexual Orientation: straight (gay acts when drunk though)

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Nitin Tailor Known Snitch and Rapist