KSI, JJ" Olatunji




South East London

Snitch Biography:

This relationship snitch is out of control. He has been on a rampage to his own relationships, and his family's relationship by spreading rumors towards the whole family trying to divide and conquer!

How you might ask? Well in the YouTube video "my brother KSI" Deji talks about how his brother would constantly put his friends above his family (mentioning its been going on for years). Deji continued to mention that Ksi completely blocked him on all social media platforms,(even cell blocked)! KSI used to help and support his brother Deji in a positive way. But many people including deji are saying that KSI has a "god complex attitude"(the thinking of being above everyone else). This then caused JJ, AKA. KSI to then say to his brother that he wanted to come home to mom and dad stating "I don't want you to be there" then he continued to text his mother saying that he hates his little brother and continued to treat the whole family like they were nothing, that's slimey. But Deji continued to support his brother as KSI blindly continued to hate. KSI now felt like he was on top of the world and was in control.

KSI continued to spread personal information about Deji to friends about how "back in the day Deji did this and that with girls". Then continuing to try to detour Dejis parents by sending more personal information to them. We have a true relationship snitch on our hands here.

Below there are videos of quedeccas diss track on KSI "insecure" this song is a very clear representation of what KSI is about. KSI then retaliates with a song called "Aries" (also dissing young rap artists "dax" )wearing a Kings outfit. In the song he states how Hes just better than everyone else. This really shows how how Hes stuck in that head of his.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Nigerian
Tattoos: knowledge across chest
Clothing Style: heavy febreze user
Sexual Orientation: bisexual?

Social Media Links:

KSI - YouTube