Flexus, Lexus or Flex




London and Toronto

Snitch Biography:

Oliver tried to pin the intel he needed for an attempted robbery on his good friend who had nothing to do with the robbery, and who was also friends with the person he was trying to rob.
Oliver pretends to be a real guy, but in reality he is nothing but a classic perverted
The story of a snitch Oliver Hegman of London owner of "Need A Fade" comes downtown Toronto looking to rob people asking them for stuff he can't afford. He stays in a shelter and says he has all these amazing jobs that don't exist.

Oliver calls himself "Flexus" or "Flex" or in the case of the tranny he called himself "Lexus".
If you're from the streets, you know him as Flexus and you probably don't know he is bisexual.
So, how is he a snitch?
"Flexus" aka Oilver told a guy "You don't want problems with-"

”I'll come get your family, your family is dead.”
He said it was a guy named *******
who told him where another guy lived. Also acknowledging that this could put ******* at risk had he been successful with the robbery.
Fortunately for ******* no harm was done as the plot was foiled and Oliver's tale of supposed betrayal was disregarded.
So Oliver gave up a guy who had been a good friend to him and potentially put him in harms way for no reason other than spite.
After doing my research I realized Oliver has been charged with robbing and beating a tranny after sleeping with the tranny for days lmao.
So why does this guy pretend to be so hard when he is nothing but a snitch who puts people who trust him in danger.

He uses intimidation, treachery and betrayal as tools to manipulate people he builds trusting relationships with. He has no morals and will sink anyone.
He can fight well so most likely he will get shoot by a real Toronto ni**a but that’s just my opinion.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian
Height: 6.5
Weight: 200
Tattoos: yea
Clothing Style: bum/dishwasher
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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