Crazy Dog or Tony Man




Toronto, and Mississauga

Snitch Biography:

This link will provide details of the person targeted and the girl who was killed:


On this night Orlando, known as Orlando, was offered an amount of money which I don't know the exact amount to set up Mike to come at the bar Orlando hangs out at for some drinks.
Mike didn't want to go and Orlando kept being persistent and persuaded him to as per Mikes story.
Mike remembered Orlando pulling out a lot of money to pay for drinks and anyone who knew him knew he never had money so it was unusual.
Mike wanted to leave a few times but Orlando kept insisting he stay because during this time Orlando was stalling him because the guys after Mike were on their way.

At some point before Mike left they were parked in the back of the bar and Mike was parked on the street.
When Mike left this is where the shooting took place.

So Mike and Orlando and not sure who else was taken into the station for questioning.
Mike told the cops everything about who the shooters were, he knew Orlando set him up because of how everything played out but the cops never charged him with anything.
This was the day Orlando became an informant for Big Beard or Black Beard not sure the detectives name but he works or worked for Metro.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:

There are more details to this story and other stories where he has been involved with robbery, possession of drugs, armed robbery, home invasions... but has never been charged or arrested for anything even in instances where he had the finger pointed at him like in the bar shooting that left an innocent girl dead.

After the last major crime Orlando was involved in that had everyone but himself arrested he packed up his stuff and abandoned the apartment he was renting. Story is he moved to Guelph and has only been seen on one occasion where he got a job doing roofing and was working on a crew with a guy who was friends with someone Orlando ratted out. That same day Orlando noticed this guy was the last day he ever showed his face and disappeared again.

I do believe he is still a confidential informant and has some sort of immunity. Any person who he has gotten close to or knew much about that was involved in anything illegal always got robbed by people Orlando set up or arrested.

He used to have a tattoo on the left side of his neck that said Crazy Dog which he had covered up after everyone began figuring out he was the confidential informant that was getting everyone busted.


Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Portuguese
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200lbs
Tattoos: Tribal on left side of neck down arm
Clothing Style:

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