Authentic copies of the (paperwork )And every word Patrick Ronald Benoit said under oath Can be picked up. Posting disclosure is illegal in Canada.


November 1/1986


Now staying in Westloge in parkdaile and Isabella young and the needle exchange at Young and Dundas

Snitch Biography:

We’ve all been waiting for the proof well here it is Authentic copies of the (paperwork ) and every word Patrick Ronald Benoit said under oath Can be picked up at : ......Old City Hall room 115 ask for dates July 2014 or 2015 Preliminary hearing.
Request the date above then go up the stairs to the fourth floor old City Hall to the Court Reporter and give them Patrick Ronald Benoit and Adam Louie names and above dates.

Frenchy a.k.a. Patrick Ronald Benoit also snitched on Jamie Richards, when he was 21, he was charged with with robbery, forcible confinement and possessing weapons dangerous on Sept. 7. 2012 And then Frenchy cooperated with the police to capture Adam Louie and Jamie Richards who where both innocent.

Because the police were asking a lot of people questions about Adam and offering money Frenchy thought Adam would be an easy target and a eazy way out of his charges.

The news article that shows why he snitched me out to 14 Division:
..................Copy & Paste.......................


And yes he put his hand on the Bible. People who don’t want to see the paperwork don’t care if he is snitch or not they have a lot of funny excuses.

It’s just funny how they would trust me with a piece of paper in my hand that could’ve been Photoshoped over going to the court them selph or sending someone they trust to pick up authentic copies that’s public information every word that Patrick Ronald Benoit said under oath is public record and I’ve just giving you direct access if you wanna go get it LMAO
So if you don't know now you know.

This is a ℅100 true.
A real story of a real snitch the first police informant posted on
Golden Snitches Patrick Ronald Benoit aka "Frenchy".

Golden Snitches toll free number
1 888 416 9953
This month the disclosure will be sent to throws who requested it!

pleas call if you have anything to ask me about the snitch I am available thanks.

(This info may help you in court if this Snitch is on the wittiness stand )

This twisted Snitch goes up and down Church and Wellesley/ Wellesley & Yonge. (NOW IN ST ST JAMES he can be found at the needle exchange on at Young and DOWN HIDING OUT SELLING METH & (H) ) He will set you up with the cops first chance he gets if he is looking at more than 1 day in jail.
So if he knows anything about you, you are in danger. He gives up info to stay on the street he is a real bum low life snitch. Frenchy lives right beside the Court House 311 from downtown Toronto on Jarvis. Selling BUNK T out of in the Englewood. If you need more info request it the site can release it to you I have disclosure.
Or call : again that’s 1888 416 9935

He told the police he robbed a phone store than snitched on someone who did NOT rob the store and had someone who helped him in life charged. HE WAS IN COURT YELLING "HE MADE ME DO IT"!

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:

When this snitch spit in 3 peoples faces and HELD UP A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL WITH A FAKE GUN he was on bail for a robbery. His bail was only $500 dollars and the police LET HIM GO BECAUSE OF THE INFO HE GAVE TO THEM. IT'S LIKE A SNITCH HAS A LICENSE TO ALMOST KILL!

Physical Description:

A pic of frenchys new girlfriend is posted below!!!!!
Frenchy is tall , fat and wears baggy clothes, speaks with a French accent. He is now fat with no hair on his face or a full faced beard.

THIS IS HIS GIRL Marnie Pellman a SNITCH too, snitch defender and dirty prostitute. SHE had 3 kids while she was with him and none of the kids are his.

SHE would have people believe they're not together but they are.

O yea Marnie! YOU LOOK LIKE Bruce Jenner!

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