DOB. 1988


Location Lindsay. 705 341 3392

Snitch Biography:

Bio: and phone number 705 341 3392 Phillip Blunts is a snitch let's just say,
He don't work at wall-mart
He seems cool but look out
His dad said he was doing better when he was working for OFFICER Donaldson in Lindsay Ontario.
Fillip Blunts was working with someone and he did not get something he wanted.
He then threatened to tell the police that Phillip Blunt / Phillip Anderson is a certified snitch - he has locked up so many people.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court: Phil is known very well to not be trusted with children, he also has been using and abusing the worst drugs on the earth. He is not to be trusted when word is in question, he is not a reliable witness.So if he is testifying against you don’t worry just show the court this.

Philip Anderson Snitched on my boy this is an add on to the first post Philip Blunt is a lowlife bloodsucking snitch who used my boy to keep himself out of jail when he was arrested
I first noticed that Philip was off acting a little strange he used to be a good friend of my boys and he was well trusted he played his part and used his position to his own advantage then as soon as he had something bad happen to him self he pointed the finger right at my boy and snitched him out he told the cops

information that only he could know the information that was given had my boys children removed from his home even though the information that was given was false.
Philip Blunt provided information that had my boy arrested lost his home his children and almost destroyed his life Philip is a sneaky conniving bisexual snitch better known as Fellatio Phil or Philldo the dildo he looks like a dildo or a penis with ears
also has known to have sex with animals All I can say is if you like cats and dogs keep away from Philip blunt He’ll have sex with anything anybody man women children animals even lizards if he couldFit his 3 inch killer up in it.
A 13-year-old boy complained that Philip blunt Anderson touched his penis and told him if he tells anybody he will kill him He is known to frequent by day cares public schools and anywhere he can intimidate or manipulate younger children and get them all hooked on drugs
I’ve heard that he also kept one young boy as a sex slave But he was over the age of 18 When we found out about this apparently he’s been sleeping with the boy since he was 14.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White German
Height: 5.7
Weight: 160
Tattoos: yes
Clothing Style: urban
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

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