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For all direct privacy policy questions and concerns, please use our contact page.

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Golden Snitches does not store any information about our users offline. We do not collect or attempt to collect information that is not directly given to us by our users. When you sign-up for an account, you may be asked for your name, email, website and/or other general information. If you use an external login account (Facebook, Google, Windows, Instagram etc.) than this information will likely be populated by the information associated with that account and additionally subject to the data protection and privacy policies associated with those entities, and the information submitted, as per the use of their designated plugin tool. This information is only used for account purposes, is often limited, and is freely submitted by the user. We do not share this information and we do not attempt to verify any user account information.

Please be advised that your web browser automatically sends certain information to almost any website it visits. This includes the URL (address) of the page you’re visiting, your own IP address (which could be used to track you), and sometimes other information including your browser type, screen size, and/or operating system. We do not seek out this information. Cookies may be set in your browser and websites may read cookies that are already there (often used for advertising purposes).

If you have concerns about this type of information, we suggest you use proxies, secure browsers, security plugins and/or clear your browsing cache often, as well as not use any personally identifiable information when submitting information for accounts.


Privacy regulations vary in different jurisdictions and for different types of information. We are cognizant of the nature of our platform, and our users ability to share their information about others. We are located in Canada and our servers and platforms exist predominantly in the United States of America. Freedom of speech is paramount to our vision, however, our practices restrict certain information from being posted that is duly protected, damaging without purpose or merit, legally infringing on a direct right or entitlement, and/or used for the purpose of promoting hate crimes.

All information that appears in profile postings has been submitted by third parties. We routinely remove content we feel does not reach a threshold of proof based on the submitted information. We cannot, however, review everything, make determinations of substance, affirm nor refute information, or generally be involved in the opinions and information conveyed on our platform. If you have any concerns regarding information appearing on our website, it is best to contact us first. We do our best to respond to concerns, but understand that this may take time, resources, and we do not speculate or interfere with the speech and opinion of others.

We do not store or maintain any information relating to a profile that is not available on our website. If we receive documents or files relating to a subject, after review and if not used, they are deleted or disposed of in a manner that does not allow us to retrieve the information. Where users volunteer their personal information and advise us of their wish to affirm or prove validity, we may attempt to liaison with them when concerns or questions are submitted to us.

If you submit content for posting, you agree that this information and material (and furthermore its creative arrangement) is thereby authorized by you for Golden Snitches to use explicitly on the website or elsewhere with full publishing and usage rights to the content contained within. You further authorize us, and we reserve the right to make modifications (edit for swearing, grammar, add/remove links or remove content we cannot post publicly).


Videos are hosted on YouTube or another external video serving platform such as Vimeo etc. NO videos or video ads are served or hosted by Please note we cannot remove the source content and playlists are often populated automatically via various feed and hashtags.

For any copyright claims you may follow the appropriate procedures regarding any infringement allegations or other concerns on the individual website hosting the material. Right clicking and inspecting elements or selecting various on-screen buttons related to the video will help reveal the source location serving the content. If you require assistance please use our contact form.


Our website may contain advertisements served from various sources including our own website, Google, and/or other authorized platforms. Specific information regarding these platforms may become available from time to time on this page.

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