Ramz, Big Ram


November 30, 1993


12 Bartlett Dr Ajax, ON L1S 4V1

Snitch Biography:

Here we have a big snitch (no pun intended). Another one of those people who will snitch and backstab someone as soon as they see some opportunity to advance, even if that person is the reason they have they job in the first place and has done nothing to them.

This girl likes to snitch on anyone and anything, no matter how little or irrelevant. She known to fraternize with other known snitchez as well. But the worst part, she a criminal herself that will snizitch on others if she has the opportunity. Gossip, dry snitching and snake movez abound. This is the type of girl who would smile in your face and pretend to be your friend but roll over and diss/snitch on you as soon as the chance presentz itself.

For someone who try so hard to appear wholesome to her fams, this girl will f*** anyone and anything. Word iz she had been caught more than once trying to give dudes head/f*** in the radio station she worked at with weird guys from Tinder (even when she had a bf), trying to hide herself from people or the cameras (I got a video sent to me of her giving head but too explicit to post here). She does any kind of drug from molly (MDMA, ectasy) often, cocaine, weed, and of course gets drunk like a fish so she can sleep around with manz and have an excuse for it. Wonder if her religious family know? She used to be on Tinder, matching wit any guy or girl who would dare to swipe right on her. She an actual disgusting person (flowin fat and them busted teeth doe), exemplified by her snitching wayz despite having done multiple illegal tings often, drinking and driving being her choice of criminal action. She once got so drunk at a downtown frat house that she puked all over the kitchen and passed out, but then woke up and tried to drive home immediately. Luckily some good peoples were around her to pay her Uber (which she couldn't afford). Another example is she got da Program Director at her radio station to award her a radio payout for hosting, even though she barely at her show and worked for the station, hello fraud? Liar and fraudzter she is, she has no problem trying to portray anyone else as bad people if it suits her snakey agenda.

Currently works a Indigo bookstore in Toronto. Currently has multiple STIs/STDs. She's also one of those lazy people that will use every excuse to avoid work, like mental health problems (maybe if you laid off the drugs), lies, other roles etc. Stay far away from this snitch.

Phone, hit her up she probably down: 647-864-4467

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Bangladesh, brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 200+
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: fat girl usual, sometimes disgustingly slutty
Sexual Orientation: bisexual, anything she can get

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Ramisa Tasfia Toronto Snitch