Near Grange Ave, Toronto

Snitch Biography:

Ramon Batang Lopez Ramon The RAT

Don't upset him or cross his plans this short tempered informant will call the police officer that he is friends with the second he has something on you. The cop he knows protects him from being arrested himself. This informant gives 14, 15, 16 girls METH & tries to keep them as pets and drug slaves in the townhouse he is a superintendent at. His wife lives there & he has kids also living there. This guy is a sick twisted snitch with a licence to sell meth to kids, the police DON'T CARE as long as he cooperates with them.

Facts that would question this informants credibility: Ramon locks up kids in a hidden room in one of his town houses.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Filipino
Height: 5 FT 2
Weight: 175
Clothing Style: Work clothing.

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