Dead Man




Carmichael CA, Citrus Heights CA, Sacramento CA

Snitch Biography:

This is undercover Sacramento Sheriff officer Richard Litalien. This guy is a joke. his cover is to pose as a member of the snitch gang the Wolf Pack Skinheads he floats around between the Sacramento Sheriffs operation and the Citrus Heights Police Operation. He runs tough with the infamous #1 snitch of Citrus Heights (Undercover officer Nicole Rizzi) she uses the pseudonym of (Mandee Andree) This whole operation is exposed all over the internet by everyone and everyone knows about it but the poloice haven't learned yet so here goes another one of their officers. Richard Litalien's father is a Megan's Law Child Molester his name is also Richard Litalien and I posted a photo of his Child Molester paper work.
His dad also workd for the Sacramento Sheriffs I don't know if he still does on the under or not after being caught up as a Child Molester but I do know that he is up in the middle of the Citrus Heights Police operation and he lives in Citrus Heights right across the street from San Juan Hight School which is against the Law being as he is a Megan's Law certified pedophile his address is 6242 Mariposa Ave Citrus Heights CA 95610 and the house has all blacked out windows, so you can guess what he is probably doing when school gets out.
His child molester dad is obviously still in operations because he runs with active snitches like Tabatha Sheramn and (Nicole Rizzi) and so does his son. Richard Litalien SR was a long time snitch for the Sacramento Sheriffs as all the older rats in the game say that he is one of the 5 original Sac Maniacs who use to go by Butch Kennedy so there you have it a child molesting ex undercover was one of the founding fathers of the Maniacs and his kid is a member of a Skinhead snitch gang and also works for the cops what more proof do you need that those two organizations are no good and so is all their members.
Undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi who currently uses the pseudonym (Mandee Andree) as one of her undercover rolls she poses as a hooker for the Sac Maniacs and the Skinheads which are both no good snitch groups for the most part at least the ones these fools are in were started by and who's members are cops, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't Federally backed as well (DEA) (FBI) (ATF) the operation is huges as you will see it is all exposed on this website and all over the internet, after all these snitches and cops are all networked together and are all selling dope so you have to figure it's Fed dope not the local police even though they do use and hide behind the local police. I will also include links as evidence such as Nicole Rizzi being fired and exposed from Washington DC MPD where she worked undercover before she came to Citrus Heights CA and got a job with CHPD working undercover as the pseudonym (Mandee Andree) I will include links to her current social media as well. Joe Aguilar claims to be the leader of the undercover cops and informants so he is to blame as well as the sheriffs and he knows about this guys child molester dad living across from a high school obviously.

I guess they hooked him up with a police operation house with blacked out windows across the street from a high school as part of the thin blue line privilege goes even the most disturbing ways, I guess once a cop always a cop even when you are a convicted pedophile on Megan's Law. Richard Litalien JR is a dope fiend also and just like all the other undercover cops and snitches he lives in Carmichael CA which is in Sacramento County in the Carmichael apartments or the ones off of Lincoln

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180
Clothing Style: undercover
Sexual Orientation:Unknown

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