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Shawnee, Kansas City, Jackson City, Missouri (America)

Snitch Biography:

Have no fear, Mayonnaise man is here and hes come to save the day in his trusty confederacy cape. This guy looks like that thing from "The Hills Have Eyes".

Garbage, just plain Garbage. Look at this piece of work I have to talk about, all draped in his Confederate flag like a clown. People nowadays are like, well these guys don't exist anymore. They sure do though.

So who is Ronald Lee Kidwell, well he is a definite Neo-Nazi White Supremacist (self-proclaimed too).
He is accused in the murder of a African American woman who he thought would expose him for being HIV positive and is a white supremacist with a history of attacks on black people.
This guy has a loud mouth and loves to brag about himself. Ronald Lee Kidwell's own daughter, who is now estranged exposed how he would love to drape himself in the Confederate flag, send her photos of his swastika tattoo and brag about being in the Ku Klux Klan. He also told his neighbor, Kathleen Brown, that he was in the Aryan Nations white supremacist group. Kidwell once threatened to kill Carolyn Foster (his own daughter) and her three children if she “ever spoke to a person of color".

He even went as far as to selling his own daughter for child pornography as well as methamphetamine and crack cocaine. All of this was the reason his own daughter estranged herself from him.

His self-snitching got him caught in first arrest in 1995 and charged with criminal damage to property in Johnson County, Kansas. He pleaded guilty to criminal trespass a year later and served 30 days in jail, according to the news station. Later in 1996, Kidwell was arrested again and pleaded guilty to felony stealing in Jackson County, Missouri.

His last conviction was for second-degree assault stemming from a sexual assault and beating in 2011. He was sentenced to five years in prison in February 2012. This is where things get really awry and disgusting. Kidwell openly spoke about pretending to be "colored people’s" friends and then harming them. His 2011 assault was when, Kidwell hit a sleeping black woman in the head with a hammer, demanded she take her pants off and then sexually assaulted her.“Kidwell stated that he has been diagnosed with HIV and did not use a condom during the sexual activity."

Thats how low these f*gs are. Now for the real story, MeShon Cooper was reported missing on July 6 when she didn’t show up for a family party about 13 hours after she had last been seen, her family told WDAF-TV. Her car was then found abandoned and still running near a park near 7th and Myrtle in Kansas City, the news station reports. Investigators searched Kidwells home. Investigators said in the affidavit that the house smelled overwhelmingly like bleach when searched by detectives with a search warrant.

Kidwell then was interviewed by police and at first denied any knowledge of what happened to Cooper, according to the court documents. But he later admitted that Cooper’s body was in his home. According to the court documents obtained by the news station, Kidwell then told stories to the police that a group of people from Kansas City had killer her. But he changed his story again and said he would never be released from prison for what he was about to admit. Kidwell told police he had killed her and wrapped her body in trash bags and put it in a trash can in his garage, detectives said. Investigators said they found her body where he told them it was. He gloated about it.

Kidwell told police that he had a fight with Cooper and she grabbed a knife from her purse and hit his hand with it, according to WDAF. Kidwell said he “flipped out” and began punching Cooper in the face before taking the knife and stabbing her in the neck, police said. He then continued to punch her, he told police. He told detectives when he gets mad he makes, “the exorcist look like a bitch.” Lol okay superhero.

Cooper was born in Oceanside, California, according to her Facebook page. She graduated from Grandview Senior High School in Missouri. She later studied at Johnson County Community College and Wichita State University, according to her Facebook page, which is filled with photos with her family and of her wearing hats and shirts supporting her favorite teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals. Her nephew, DaRon Cooper, told the Kansas City Star his aunt had battled disease and had recently had an operation. She worked part-time at a Subway restaurant to help support her family, despite qualifying for disability. “She fought off a lot of different things, a lot of different diseases, so for someone to come in and take a life like this, it’s shocking and it hurts." His family didn't know Kidwell, just looked at him as her friend she was trying to turn away from all that confederacy nonsense.

All I can say, this guy is an inbred, incest loving, pale mayonnaise eating goof who basically self-snitched himself to his position in life today. Eating the dirt off the cell block. Thanks to social media, his house was allegedly bought and sold by his estranged daughter. He has nothing to live for. Good riddance.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 174 Lbs
Tattoos: Chest, Arms
Clothing Style: Neo-Nazi, Inbred
Sexual Orientation: Incest

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