DOB: 1989


Weston rd and Rogers

Snitch Biography:

ROSS Aka RICK ROSS  The beastly chain  cigarette smoker.  !!! Snitch loser!!!
ROSS Had the nerve to call cops on his little cousin getting his cousin put in jail for a brokin phone. Ross Boxill aka RICK ROSS used and abused his cousin's friend convening the friend to put a 2 year contact in her name for a Samsung galaxy s 8 (Never paid a dollar) and when she tried to cancel it  they said they couldn't  because of Ross's Bad credit. Now NOT paying a dollar (cause he's broke) this messed her credit up and her name. Now going back to his cousin he went to her door with ( police )and getting his cousin arrested because of his lies. There was a arguments about the phone some how the new phone got broken and he called the police to get the phone back but the phone went missing  the police therefore arrested the cousin ( two weeks no bail) for vandalizing and robbery. He is a disgrace to all Caribbean people DO NOT TRUST HIM.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Carribean qween snitch
Height: 5.9
Weight: 260
Tattoos: 7 dick tattoos on his back
Clothing Style: thug

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Ross boxill