Hachman_91 “NVNG“ The snitches clothing company




Danforth and Kennedy

Snitch Biography:

This snitch lives his life by a phrase NVNG nothing ventured nothing gained.
Therefore he don’t give a f*** bout no one.

When it comes time to face the repercussions of his actions. He hides, makes sure to block the person on all social media.
Then hides behind police.
The two guys in the second picture are partners with Ryan a clothing company called NVNG.
They undoubtedly are whistle blowers as well.
Ryan has been called out many times and won’t show face.
But does taunt by coming around on his Harley sportster and when seen speeds off.
The evidence is the screen shot saved.

But not the first time to say cops have been called.
I can verify because they have shown up at my door in result of him being a stool pigeon. He’s a bird, snake, rat.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 4ft6
Weight: 170
Clothing Style: Thug Try Hard
Sexual Orientation:

Social Media Links: