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Downtown Toronto / Yonge and Wellesley

Snitch Biography:

Sasha Klotz is known as Toronto’s cheap prostitute.

She lied about being a personal support worker, f**ks dealers in Toronto for free weed and then calls the police on them, will harass you from her only two friends Instagram accounts because you have her blocked/her Instagram was deleted (from amateur porn shots), bullies people online, makes fun of their disabilities, insults your deceased family, will try to threaten your child by calling CAS, pretends to be an activist but doesn’t show her face at ANY cannabis event because the whole community dislikes her.

She chokes animals for fun, has posted lots of people’s personal photos and phone numbers as a sexual ad on backpages like Craigslist, insults real sex workers and real models because she’s jealous, but then will post unprofessional bath photos/nearly naked cheap photos. She is a massive hypocritical bitch that’s SWIMMING with all kinds of STIs because she has sex with random dudes she doesn’t know.

She doesn’t work, doesn’t cook, claims to live in a condo downtown but it’s really a renovated apartment because it was infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. She lives off mommy and daddy’s money, and likes to flex her dirty cheap nudes (not even joking about cheap, they’re $10) as she degrades herself online daily, her adoptive parents don’t give a rats ass about her safety. They are probably part of her escorting hobby and hoeish lifestyle that she claims to be “living her best life” when in reality she’s as sad as the day her real parents dropped her in a garbage bin because they would rather get high than deal with that as a daughter.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Romanian
Height: short
Weight: not fit, really scrawny
Tattoos: cheap flea market designs all over, including a trashy heart and some writing you can’t even read LOL
Clothing Style: basic
Sexual Orientation: she prefers creeps
Age: claims to be 22 but looks 13 and acts 6

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