Kavi, Kavy, Stud




180 Saint George Street

Snitch Biography:

It seems as if this Zeta Psi fraternity at 180 Saint George Street is full of snitches! And weirdos... This is one of their elders, Sean Kavanaugh, aka Kavi, Stud, or more notably, old broke snitch who still hangs around because he has no job or life (he lives in the Zeta Psi frat house right now!).

That's not even the problem! This guy tells on anyone and anything, especially if it helps get someone out of the way. This guy is over 30, looks 40 (and bummy), and still hangs around frat parties with 18 year olds trying to fit in. He tries to take advantage of young boys and girls on the regular. Word is he is a pedophile, based off conversations with him, but if you ask him he'll just get angry. He's never been seen with a real woman. All he does is get drunk and try to hustle people around him for change. Everyone knows he's a drunk, and a big cokehead, but because he snitches so hard (I heard he sucks the d**k of other people higher up), he's allowed to hang around and have a say in things still.

He's disgustingly bald, so he's always wearing a hat. He's almost always drunk or high on cocaine. He snitches on others, but routinely drinks and drives as well as does numerous drugs. He likes to act tough and pretend to be such a macho "man", but it's clear he has homosexual tendencies and so the young impressionable boys he tries to mentor should watch out! His closest boys are all bald headed losers like himself, for example Bulent Pakdil (picture included), who is another elder who likes to call police and shares similar characteristics as him, except maybe slightly less of a loser because he has a job.

You may have seen him in ads full of weirdo people just like himself, for example this Duracell commercial that shows pretty much how disgusting he is:


Stay away from this weirdo snitch and anyone like him!

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220
Clothing Style: broke older guy (same jeans often, crappy t-shirts)
Sexual Orientation: bisexual, pedophile

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