2945 n 19th ave Phoenix, az 85021

Snitch Biography:

Selim Halilovic told me in confidence he snitched out his arms dealer to get out of jail he was on probation for 2 years during the times he’s got caught and never got charged for those 10 counts of weapons he had or the drugs.
He had a black homie whose name I won’t say.. this guy was at his house a lot he trusted selim he was working his way to provide for his son and get his life together till selim made false allegations and got that guy house arrest and possible jail time. Now the guy won’t see his kid cuz of selim. He used to have a girlfriend named Tammie Nguyen that claimed fruit town piru and he did too because of her till some dudes put him in check.
He’s a poser and snitches on anyone that comes in contact with him.
He’s stolen 2 duffel bags of drugs from his friends mechanic shop and got rid of it because he was scared.
He runs around with his gun taunting guys to scare them when he pulls up on them, then brags about it later.
His life is paid for by daddy don’t be fooled by his street story.
He also has very busted teeth, won’t smile from the hard drugs he does.
His circle varies between Mexican and black but be aware he will f**k you over! He lives on 19th ave and. Thomas in Phoenix, az drives a blue motorcycle or any Mercedes that daddy buys for him.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: bosnian/white
Height: 5 11
Weight: 150
Tattoos: none
Clothing Style: street/expensive
Sexual Orientation:

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