BamBam, Self-Snitch, Battyfish, Goofball, Instigator of Danzig Shooting (2012)




Crow Trail, Malvern, Toronto

Snitch Biography:

This covers alot on the basis of the "Danzig Street Shooting", a Canadian gang-related shooting that occurred on the evening of 16 July, 2012 at a block party on Danzig Street in the West Hill neighbourhood of Toronto. It was also regarded as the worst "gang related" shooting in Toronto's history. This shooting happened between the Toronto Police dubbed, "Galloway Boyz" of Galloway Rd. (Kingston and Galloway) and what many speculate was Malvern but was actually a member of the, "Le Side Crew" of Chester Le Boulevard (Victoria Park & Finch). In a crowd of 200 people, 2 People died and 22 innocent bystanders injured.

So who is Shaquan Mesquito and his involvement in this you might ask? Well this goofball comes from Crow Trail in Malvern and his friends and family called him “Bam Bam” . He is alleged to be a member of the notorious Malvern Crew gang, a Toronto Police dubbed street gang associated with that neighborhood. This battyfish has a brother and a sister living in the United States and a mother living in Crow Trail with him. His family has Jamaican roots. His sister is a widow who apparently works as a disc jockey in New York. During the period this incident happened, he stood accused of two counts of first-degree murder.

This pathetic disgrace of a human not only instigated this situation, but also snitched on himself claiming full responsibility over the incident and the deaths of innocent bystanders for some form of "street credentials" from his neighborhood only for it to turn out to be not true.

Toronto Star reported, " Shaquan Mclean after bieng arrested in 2012 and serving 2 years of jail time for murder he "admitted to committing", in 2014, new evidence was introduced to drastically change the outcome of this. Before two innocent bystanders died and 23 people were injured in the hail of bullets fired during a confrontation at a July 2012 community barbecue on Danzig St., Shaquan Mesquito had threatened to “shoot up” the party. Afterwards, the 19-year-old who went by the nickname “Bam Bam” sent out messages claiming responsibility. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault later that year. But, in a sudden twist, a court heard Friday morning that while Mesquito threatened violent revenge after being kicked out of the Danzig party, urged others to go on a “killing spree,” and was looking for a gun to kill the man who forced him to leave, he was not one of the shooters in the gunfight. Nor was he responsible for the actions of the men who did open fire in the crowd of 200 people, killing Shyanne Charles, 14, and Joshua Yasay, 23.A month after Mesquito was charged, investigators found a security video that placed Mesquito in the lobby of a Lawrence Ave. E. highrise at the time of the shooting. A subsequent investigation found nothing to link him to the 16-year-old who police allege fired the first shot after a confrontation with a rival gang member, sparking the worst mass shootout in Toronto’s history."

Yes, you heard it Bamboozle the self-snitch had nothing to with this incident, neither did anyone from his neighbourhood. However it doesnt stop there: To understand this we must focus on three names that have since been released to this public: Folorunso Owusu of (Chester Le) & Nahom Tsegazab & Naod Tsegazab (both of Galloway)

"From 7 July, the Twitter account @2ToneShorty, linked to 19-year-old Nahom Tsegazab, had been promoting an afternoon children's barbeque as a "HennessyBlock Party". The messages promised a live DJ and 30 bottles of Hennessy cognac on ice, free for all. Over the course of a week, more than two dozen open invitations were sent from the account and spread across social media as #hennessyblockparty. Some residents made Twitter posts expressing concerns over the potential for violence.The crowd was filling in when the mandem from Galloway began checking individuals, confronting people they did not recognize and telling those from rival neighbourhoods they have issues with to leave. Our boy Shaquan Mesquito, 18 at the time, had come to the party unarmed, was ordered to leave by Tsegazab's 15-year-old brother Naod. Naod threatened our boy Mesquito if he did not leave immediately.

It was at this point the self-snitching begins. Angry at being forced to leave, our boy Mesquito sent out a number of Twitter posts self-snitching and urging others to go on a killing spree and shoot up the party. Instigating the situation, letting his emotions get the best of him and adding fuel to the fire when it wasnt necessary.

Shortly after 9 pm, Nahom Tsegazab was warned about these threats. Tsegazab then armed himself with a .40 calibre pistol and told others to be prepared for a possible bloodshed.17-year-old Folorunso Owusu, from Chester Le Boulevard, arrived at the party and was confronted by Nahom Tsegazab, who displayed a handgun and challenged Owusu to commit to a fight if he did not leave. At approximately 10:40 pm, less than two minutes after arriving at the party, Owusu opened fire and shot Nahom Tsegazab twice with a 9 mm handgun. One of these bullets passed through Tsegazab and injured a bystander. Nahom Tsegazab was shot in the right biceps and abdomen. He fell to the ground in front of 207 Danzig Street and reached for his gun, recklessly firing eleven rounds at Owusu, who retreated through the crowd. One of these bullets struck Owusu in the leg. A third shooter, who remains unidentified, fired fourteen rounds from an Uzi submachine-gun into the crowd. Twenty-four bystanders were shot, two fatally, and three people were trampled by the panicked crowd

Whilst this was happening, Mesquito was in the lobby of a Lawrence Ave. E. highrise. Regardless of how he wasnt involved, when police questioned him, he lied and falsely admitted to the whole incident. Serving 2 years over it until the truth was finally discovered. Claiming the shooting, Claiming the deaths of innocent all over what? All of this wouldnt have happened if he hadnt self-snitched on Twitter on the incident and just kept his emotions in check.

Mesquito, now 21, pleaded guilty to four new charges Friday, after the Crown dropped the murder and aggravated assault charges.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 180 Pounds at time of arrest
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Roland Brice from "The Wire"
Sexual Orientation: Turned Battiboy in the Can

Social Media Links:

"Deactivated all forms of social media after Toronto Police uncovered the truth"