Emcce Lean, Shaq, King Emcce


21, yeas old


Kennedy House Shelter

Snitch Biography:

(This is my baby daddy)

He left me after we were together for six months for an ex-friend of mine Alyssa/RK. He got us kicked out of our apartment because he tried to jump out of the window drunk and was always doing something to get intoxicated then causing issues. He got me pregnant... Then when he was with this women who is also on this site he decided to call police on me for selling drugs. I was not selling and still am not selling due to the pregnancy.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Tattoos: King/strong/dedicated, all on arms
Clothing Style: Bummy/Baggey cloths/ Lots of red
Sexual Orientation: This man will choose a ratchet ass hoe that's in a Shelly and does meth over a girl that has her own place, is in school and who loves weed

Social Media Links:

YouTube: emcce lean
Instagram: @the1emccelean
Facebook: em see lean