Sheila Bryant, Sheila E




San Antonio, TX 78218

Snitch Biography:

So a while back my boyfriend's friend got into an argument with her at a bar and at the in the night when she drove home she was pulled over by a motorcycle cop and arrested somebody called on her saying she was drinking and driving. The other day myself and the snitch got into an argument and we have never liked each other she tells my boyfriend that she's gonna get rid of me and handle it her way... Meaning she's gonna set me up so instead of taking someone to an appointment they had I allowed someone else to drive him instead and wouldn't you know a motorcycle cop pulls up behind them turns his lights on and then pulls up next to the side of the car sees that it's not a female driving and takes a right to exit backs off well here comes the snitch calling my boyfriend saying who's driving your truck getting on him about me not taking the person and allowing someone else to she then decides to open her mouth and say who was driving the vehicle there would be no other way for her to know it wasn't me unless the cop was her friend... Her and her sister are both snitches. I'm not saying this because I'm mad in any sense cause you can't get me I'm smarter than that I just feel the world should know about this so maybe next time people will have a heads up on what she's really about she sells drugs and then turns right around and has them set up.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Mexican
Height: 5'3
Weight: 155
Tattoos: ?
Clothing Style: Always wears wig with purple stripe. She has piercings in always . Usually looks like cross dressing dumb slut. She sells n turns people in when she gets mad.
Sexual Orientation: who knows she f**ks everyone and anyone..

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