Kid Shooter, Playground Shooter




Markham, Ont. | Toronto, Ont. | Durham Region (Canada)

Snitch Biography:

Well here is one way to throw your life and all its accomplishments away quickly... Giving the potential the men accused in this have, with sports, music etc. its sad and troubling that I even have to mention this whole situation.

Without further a do, Sheldon Eriya is a upper middle class black kid whose parents went the extra mile for; raised in the suburbs outside of Toronto. Specifically York region, which is extremely upper middle class. He was raised in Markham and attended St. Brother André Catholic High School on 6160 16th Ave E, Markham, ON L3P 3K8 for much of his youth years. He also got onto the basketball team there. He also wanted to be a music producer, deciding to aim in the direction of arts and entertainment. Getting older he hosted an event for young artists and creators of every venture around Toronto, York, Vaughn and Durham region called LowLife, He did this with the help of a local barber from the region Joseph (@jayc.w). He seems connected to a young rap group called 9Fif, an up and coming rap group with suburb based artists Tay Jireh and Che Winter$. This point of this was so up and coming business people and creators can connect.

Critics wrote: "It was an experience like no other with respects to the amalgamation of local talent in the city of Toronto. Over a couple hundred of people in attendance, the place inside was jam-packed. It looked like another party outside because of the amount of people waiting to get in."

Really a kid with potential and a good outlook, and then comes the street shit. Karma has a way of getting you when you were raised one way but behave and associate with another.

"A 21-year-old man from Markham, Ont., was charged with attempted murder a day after two young sisters were injured in an alleged shooting at a Toronto playground, police said Saturday. Toronto police said Sheldon Eriya was arrested in Pickering on Friday in connection with the brazen daylight shooting that sent the girls, aged five and nine, to hospital Thursday. Eriya was due to appear in court on Saturday morning on seven charges — two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm, possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of a crime — police said in a press release."

Sheldon has since lawyer-ed up, a smart decision but here is when the tom foolery begins. Sheldon will plead not guilty according to his lawyer on all accounts because, "hes never been around a gun or gun violence before." Kind of hypocritical as in some pictures he apparently likes to pose with gun hand signs, insinuating that he likes all that. Sheldons lawyer has than come to insinuate that he played no part in any shooting and "might" have been the getaway driver.

[What they don't know is behind the curtain, Sheldon threw two additional suspects in the case under the bus to cop a plea deal with police for his innocence.]

Police have identified the two other suspects as Tarrick Rhoden, 23, of Toronto and T’Quan Roberton, 23, also of Toronto. T' Quan Robertson, goes by "Top Gunna" a very versatile rapper in Toronto. Tarrick Rhoden's involvement was apparently discovered through his side by side appearance with T'Quan in his song "Glizzy Bop" which was the reason the video was taken off Youtube for a bit by the DGC family (Dont Get Close) of Parma Court. Both are still on the run while Sheldon was arrested for being the getaway driver. You don't have to shoot a gun to be apart of the situation, your an accessory to attempted murder just own your mistakes. Word has it he is deeply regretting it all.

An unfortunate situation turned into an unfortunate snitchuation and now hes been labelled as a kid shooter. Karma sucks. Way to dig a hole for yourself.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caribbean/Canadian Black
Height: 5-6''
Weight: 150-200 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Middle Class Black Youth
Sexual Orientation: Damaged Goods

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @shellzislw
Deactivated all forms of social media.