48 years old


Bronx NY

Snitch Biography:

Sonny Alloway is the Snatcher Snitch he snitches him self out when he admits it’s him on the video tape after grabbing a young girl on the subway he was questioned by a few young men and was beat up and ran off the block.

Sources say Sonny Alloway, 48, was charged with unlawful imprisonment after allegedly carrying the woman off a 6 train at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview station over the weekend. Gothamist first reported.
He was trying to talk to her and get her attention while she and another man are sleeping on the train.
When the train approaches the subway stop and the doors open, Sonny Alloway grabs the woman and takes her off the train.
The videos are posted above.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Mixed
Height: 6ft
Weight: 240lbs
Clothing Style: Urban
Sexual Orientation: Rapist

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