The Chronisters, Racial Profiling Family, Owners of The Grandview Golf Club


S (50's), J (30's)


York, Pennsylvania| Saraland, Alabama (America)

Snitch Biography:

Another One... Yup, Welcome to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame, Mr. Steve and Jordan Chronister. You join the likes of Holly Hylton, Aaron M. Schlossberd, Jennifer Schulte and Sarah Braasch on the category of racist or race driven snitches trending in America right now.
So a rundown, golf club in Pennsylvania is under fire after calling police on a group of black women after a co-owner of the club and his father claimed the group was playing too slowly while refusing requests to leave the premises.
The five black women who set out to play golf feel they were discriminated against, and said it was a “horrific experience.”

So lets dissect who the father and son are. The father, first, is Mark Steve Chronister. He is a registered Republican, publicly voted for Donald Trump. His address, yes hes getting doxxed, is 2309 Fairway Drive West Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania 17408, United States. Hes a real estate agent, worked at places like, "Morgan Collins Realtors" and "Howard Hannah Real Estate" in Pennsylvania.

He even ran for the seat of President County Commissioner for West Manchester Township , Pennsylvania and won under Republican back in 2007.
He has three children, Ryan, Gretchen and lastly the youngest Jordan. He is the owner of Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania.

Now Jordan Chronister, the youngest and more forthright of the family.
He is due in line to inherent the third half of his fathers property per retirement.
Yup, he is married to JJ Chronister, who upon marriage inherited the Golf Course under her name as well becoming a co-owner (pictured above).

So with that out of the way, why are they here?
Well for the same reason as everyone else who snitched for racist reasons.
Well basically, On Saturday April 2018, the women, Sandra Thompson, Myneca Ojo, sisters Sandra Harrison and Carolyn Dow, and Karen Crosby, all in their 50’s, set out to play a round of golf at Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania, where all five women were members.
What appeared to start off as a leisurely and joyful day with friends turned into the women feeling discriminated against after Steve and Jordan Chronister allegedly told the players they were playing too slowly before calling authorities.
“I felt we were discriminated against,” one of the women, Myneca Ojo, told the York Daily Record. “It was a horrific experience.” The women are part of a larger women’s golf group called Sisters of the Fairway, according to the newspaper, adding that the “members are experienced players who have golfed all over the county.” At the second hole of the course, the women were told they were not keeping an appropriate pace by Steve Chronister, the father of the club’s co-owner, Jordan Chronister, as reported by the Daily Record. “I was approached by Steve Chronister, and he said, ‘I’m one of the owners and you need to keep up the pace of play,” Crosby told the news outlet. “To me, that was a gross misrepresentation of who he was.”
“He was extremely hostile,” Ojo added. Thompson told the York Daily Record that she was on a different part of the hole when she observed the exchange between Steve Chronister, Ojo, and Crosby. “So, obviously, while the guy’s (Chronister) talking to them, there’s a delay,” Thompson said, according to the newspaper.
While at the same hole, Harrison said she spoke with a golf pro at the course who she said “acknowledged we were fine,” after pointing out the group who was golfing ahead of them.
The newspaper added that the women were later told “they had taken too long of a break between first and second halves of the course,” and were subsequently “asked to leave,” and also “offered their membership money refunded.” A group of men surround the women, and a man, identified as Steve Chronister, can be heard telling his son to “Back off, this is what she wants.
This is what she does for a living.” When they didn’t leave, police were called to the course. However, only Thompson and Ojo had stayed at this point, while the other women were apparently too traumatized and took off after they felt harassed.

Full Video of the Incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=DHip22RrEj8

After the incident, the video was exposed to social media garnering massive attention and media hostility. Under the immense pressure, the owner, Steve, gave up the Golf Course and resigned. Police decided to not press charges on the five.

You mind as well dig a hole for yourself. Thanks again social media.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: S 5'8'' J 6'0''
Weight: S 150 Lbs J 200 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Republican
Sexual Orientation: Wierdos

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Deactivated all forms of social media after incident