Steven / East Albany snitch🚨alert...BEWARE




606 Johnson Road #6 Albany Georgia 31705

Snitch Biography:

This meth head a*s hole was locked up in November 2019,for his second Description Methamphetamine charge, a d, his second false imprisonment (kidnapping), along with violation of probation, with a dirty urine to top it off.
Steven was released in January 2020 on only 2 years probation... While he was in jail.

Several known drug dealers was busted and arrested, that all had dealings with Steven.
Since he's been out of jail, Steven has snitched on, who once was a so called friend of Stevens.
To a Albany sheriff officer.
That results in the officer admitted to getting his information from Steven Scaff.

Beware of this nasty junkie!!! He lives with a bi**h hoe named Jennifer Fox Hamilton. She also will switch sides to benefit herself!!!

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian
Height: 170
Weight: 5'10
Tattoos: visible
Clothing Style: dirty and sloppy
Sexual Orientation:female/male

Social Media Links:

Facebook.. Steven Scaff