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Yeah another one... I've taken a break from this thinking it will stop but its just a meme at this point. If you're new, around the globe there is this phenomenon happening where predominantly white folk would call the police on minorities for no reason.

An example would be, one of our alumni "Alison Ettel" called the police on a 8 year old black girl for selling bottled water "without a permit".
Its stupid right, but oh its real out here... if you check out the Golden Snitches full racist category I've posted numerous cases similar to the one I'm about to get into.

So lets introduce Susan J. Westwood to our Golden Snitches Hall of Fame. Susan J. Westwood is a 51 year old (as of 2018) conservative from North Carolina. She was born in North Carolina and also spent some time in Massachusetts. She went to school at Bridgewater State University there. She is married and has one son. She also has a younger sister named Leisa Weswood. Her son attends Meyers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a self proclaimed "upper middle class" woman. She works for a technology company called, Spectrum Enterprise, where she is an analyst. Altogether she earns $125,000 yearly and lives in a really expensive flat.

Now why is this old fart here? Well on October 26th, 2018, Susan Westwood was filmed confronting two Africa -American sisters, Leisa Meria Garris and Mary Michelle Garris, while they were waiting for AAA in a parking lot in Charlotte.

Westwood, confronted the two sisters for no apparent reason, and then proceeded to harass them while they waited for AAA in a parking lot of Charlotte, North Carolina, near the apartment complex where one of the sisters lives. One of the sisters can be heard saying that she feels threatened, to which Westwood replied that she was,"hot and beautiful and white", before proceeding to ask the sisters if they live at the apartment complex. “Why do we feel like we need to be here, like, on this, like, beautiful place?” Westwood continued. When one of the sisters replied with another question, asking why Westwood felt the need to be in their “space,”
Westwood answered, “Well, I live here. I pay rent.” Westwood later added, a bit nonsensically, “My kids go to Meyer’s Park, so I want to make sure there’s nothing going on…and why are you hanging out? Where do you live?”

Susan than begins to get more weird, Westwood asked the girls a series of racially motivated questions, including asking “Where Their Baby Daddies were?". Throughout the recorded videos, Westwood makes a series of apparent racist remarks, including, “I’m hot, I’m beautiful, I’m 51, what we going to talk about tonight? Being hot? Being beautiful? Being white? My new weave?” She continued later, Is your boyfriend here? Is your baby daddy here? Nobody cares. I’m white and I’m hot, so what are you doing here?” Throughout the video, while the sisters continued to reference Westwood as “ma’am”, Westwood replied by mocking them in racist stereotypes of African Americans. “I make $125,000 a year!” she declared at one point. She talked about her whiteness too many times to count throughout the videos, saying at one point: “I’m white, f*ck off…I’m white, b****.”

And than the expected happens, Later, Westwood called the police, herself. During her 911 call, Westwood falsely claimed that the two women were trying to break into her apartment complex, one that she claimed she paid over a thousand dollars in rent monthly for. On the 911 call, Westwood reportedly said, “There are folks that are trying to break in. They’re trying to get in the apartments. I’m trying to do it in a very clandestine manner because it’s actually on Fairview Road,” Westwood told police, reports ABC. “They are actually people that I’ve never seen here before, but they are African American.”

Full video of Incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOj60kvWqtM
Full 911 Call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ulJpi954E

And again thanks to the power of the cellphone and social media, karma came her way. Spectrum Enterprise fired her immediately. In a statement, they said, “The incident recorded in Charlotte is a blatant violation of Charter’s code of conducts and clearly disregards the company’s commitment to inclusion and respectful behavior. As such, Ms. Westwood’s employment with the company has been terminated, effective immediately.” A warrant followed after for her arrest. Westwood currently faces a series of charges, having initially been slapped with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, as well as “misuse of the 911 system.” Since turning herself in, she has been charged with four counts of simple assault and communicating threats.

America. Conservatives. Old White People. Common traits with all these cases. She lost her integrity, her job, her privacy. Further embarrassing her children. Life taught her a cold lesson.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 132 Lbs
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: Old southern s***
Sexual Orientation: Menopause

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Deactivated Social Media Post Incident