Tabby Sherman, Tab




Citrus Heights CA, Roseville CA, Sacramento CA, Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park, Citrus Heights CA

Snitch Biography:

Tabatha Sherman is on of the first snitches in the Citrus Heights Police Departments, Snitch Platoon. She runs with the undisputed #1 verified badged snitch, Undercover CHPD Officer Nicole Rizzi who uses the pseudonym Mandee Andree. as we all know she was previously fired and exposed from Washington DC MPD where she worked as an undercover cop. I will add all links needed to prove that yet again.
A lot of the Citrus Heights Police departments undercover narcotics Operation is exposed on goldensnitches.com as well as other places and this is being done by multiple people.
The sergeant of narcotics is a corrupt cop named Joe Agulair and he has made it clear to a lot of people that it is his operation and all the snitches and undercover cops are ran by him, nobody can figure out why he would go around and tell people that, maybe he has small man syndrome? Tabatha has multiple dicoveries or (paper work) floating around about her. Tabatha Sherman confessed to officer Kyle Shoberg that she is the one who broke in and robbed the veterans center in Citrus Heights CA and then said a whole bunch of other things about other people that was not true at all, she offered all this information up freely when she was arrested high on an unrelated narcotics charge. Tabatha like the other snitches and undercover cops is a junkie. Back in 2010 Tabatha had attempted suicide multiple times and has had many involuntary stays in a nut house called Heritage Oaks in Sacramento CA. Tabatha Sherman can not even legally work for the cops, the city or the government because of her mental health history, not to mention she is a pathological liar she also can not legally give up information that can be credible or used to generate a case against anybody for anything, that's the Law but CHPD still uses her and has her and undercover officers run tough with each other despite all this information about her mental health history and the snitch paper work being out about her, which is not legal for CHPD to do and now that this information is out any case she was involved in or has provided information on must be over turned. Tabatha and officer Shoberg with the CHPD had framed and worked together on a few cases from 2013 to present.
Considering that CHPD hired Nicole Rizzi who was fried and exposed world wide to do undercover work nothing they do is surprising anymore.
I will provide links that expose the operation and these people below.
Anyone any of these corrupt undercover cops, patrol cops and snitches run with in Citrus Heights CA is all bad everyone in their social media friends list and anyone who try's to vouch for them is no good. There are so many that they do try and vouch for each other and confirm the other one, anybody who name drops people or tells you stories of crimes they have committed or fights they been in is a cop, Nobody that is really with the Sh** will not tell you things they have done and the will not try and convince you they are tough guys.
Facts of the case.
Be aware, stay safe and know your rights.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: wjWhite
Height: 5'4
Weight: 180
Tattoos: Flower on her arm, scorpio sign on her neck
Clothing Style: bummy
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

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