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  1. Here is some information about snitches and corrupt racist cops getting exposed In
    Citrus Heights, Roseville and Sacramento California and if you follow the links
    you will see information on Reno PD snitches Travis Lisenbee and others, Travis
    Lisenbee is the brother of undercover CHPD officer Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee
    Andree from California he is in a Narcotics operation in Reno and at 128
    Ralston ST in the blue apartments behind greyhound, the guy mike and the guy on
    the scooter are cops and sell meth. at the river on Kitzkie LN by the Walmart
    there are undercover cops that stay down there and sell dope too a guy named
    Klover and Kevin Mcdowell are cops and so is a guy named Eric on the river who
    has a camp dug out in the side of the river behind a lumber yard he is a cop
    and he sells meth and keeps it there for the Narcotics operation. The Corrupt
    Citrus Heights Police have a corrupt undercover drug operation that is ran by
    Sergeant Aguilar with the Narcotics unit at the CHPD and here is a little
    details about it with some proof just so you can be aware and spread the word.
    There is an Undercover cop that works for the Citrus Heights Police by the name
    of Nicole Rizzi but she is currently using the pseudonym (Mandee Andree) in
    Citrus Heights CA at 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610 at a trailer park
    called the Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park which is a Citrus Heights Police
    Narcotics operation property for a corrupt operation where officer Rizzi under
    the pseudonym (Mandee Andree) sells drugs for the cops and snitches on people.
    Undercover officer Nicole Rizzi use to work for Washington Dc MPD as an
    undercover cop but she was publicly exposed while on assignment and she was
    fired as you will see in these links Despite her being fired and publicly exposed as an undercover cop in Washington DC she was still
    able to get a job as an undercover cop in Citrus Heights somehow as you will
    see her in these links to her current social media for her cover name in Citrus
    Heights CA If you look more
    into Undercover CHPD officer Nicole Rizzi’s escapades as Mandee Andree in
    Citrus Heights CA you will see she has been used in cases where the police
    clearly lied about all details and neglected to mention they had an undercover
    cop involved or that the bust was a result of an undercover sting as you will
    see in these links here The cops are using
    her to frame people and to deal drugs and use drugs in their corrupt operation.
    7721 Auburn Blvd is a Narcotics operation property, the Maintenance man Koke
    Conner is also an undercover cop. Stay away from these people and you will not
    go to jail. Here are other links of people exposing this corruption If what these cops are doing disturbs you as it does me then please feel free to call the Citrus
    Heights Police Department and voice your opinion at 916-727-5500 and tell them
    to shut down these undercover cops and their corruption and to stop framing
    people. Here are some more links to things that the Citrus Heights Police have
    done that are extremely shady and dirty and you will see how bad the corruption
    is. Nicole Rizzi’s
    real dads name is Nicolas Rizzi and he lives in Venice Florida Here is a link
    to undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi under her cover
    pseudonym Mandee Andree and the Citrus Heights Police are promoting racist
    politics photos and using them as her profile work photos they are also on her
    myspace and facebook as well. The Citrus Heights
    Police still have undercover officer Nicole Rizzi actively in undercover
    operations as Mandee Andree in the trailer park at Auburn and Antelope which is
    a CHPD narcotics operation property

  2. Here is a list of people that are in this operation who are undercover cops and informants from the Narcotics operation in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and Roseville CA. All these people are from Mandee Andree who is undercover officer Nicole Rizzi’s A-team.

    1. Paul Gilbert aka Kid
    2. Koke Conner
    3. Frank Timmons
    4. Debby Bradford aka Debby Gardner
    5. Undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer, Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree
    6. Brandon Cryderman
    7. Lori Plant
    8. Raquel Morono
    9. Larry Axelbaum
    10. Brett Axelbaum
    11. Jim Pearson
    12. Chris Harris
    13. Steve Wallace
    15. Rocky Zamudio
    16. Mike Lyda
    17. Billy Anderson
    18. Bob Anderson
    19. Deanna Anderson
    20. Robert Wessels
    23. Mike Emery
    24. Tabatha Sherman
    25. Matt Emery
    26. Matt Smith
    27. Lincoln Smith
    28. Marty Smith
    29. Benny Smyth
    30. Robert Able
    31. Kathren Jones
    32. Kristine Jones
    33. Christina Walker
    35. Leslie Zamudio
    36. Jim Root
    37. Lauren Root
    38. Mike Johnson
    39. Stephanie Johnson
    40. Mikey Johnson
    41. Mark West
    42. Monica Benjerman
    44. Nate Schooly
    46. Don Silva
    47. Nate Rowe
    48. Kelly Novak
    49. Don Rowe
    50. Tommy Clark
    51. Candice Klopping
    52. Hannah Silva
    53. Alaina Silva
    54. Autumn Dawn
    55. Arron Kimball
    56. Stephanie Kimball
    57. Sue Karns
    58. Paul Wilt
    59. Mike Hanson
    60. Kenny Lane
    61. Jim Andree
    62. Jackie Andree
    64. John Defer
    65. Jason Lee
    66. Sandy Roberts
    67. Steve Roberts
    68. Anthony Lopez
    69. Billy Lyons
    70. Gabe Pickens
    71. Shawn Howell
    72. Kimberly Howell
    73. James Richie
    74. Chris Tolsen
    75. Taylor Jewell
    76. David Able aka Brother Dave
    77. Gary Cox
    78. Jody Lovelady
    79. Gary Joslyn
    82. Richard Duran
    83. Lavina Duran
    84. Cynthia Tierney
    85. Kevin Mcdowel
    86. Travis Lisenbee who is Undercover Citrus heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree’s brother
    87. Shawn Moore
    88. Richard L’italin aka dead man
    89. Janet aka Gem Johnson
    90. Donnie Bucannon
    91. Rhonda Rickets/Corkran
    92. Monica Quantinilla
    93. Jerry Heinzmen
    94. Matt Guerrero
    95. Arturo Guerrero
    96. Jamie Ross
    97. Jessica Dae
    100. Billy Lyons
    Donnie Anthony

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