Cornerstore Caroline, Carolyn Dunham #2, Emmet Till Copy Cat Accuser, Witch, Garbage


1960s (53 in 2018)


Farmington, Missouri / Brooklyn, New York (America)

Snitch Biography:

I'm back, with a filthy one this time. We toed the line with disgusting with some of these entries but this recent one, oh boy. So to cut to the chase, everyone welcome the witch who escaped the "Salem Witch Trails" to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame. I introduce, Teresa Sue Klein otherwise known as "Cornerstore Caroline". This case is extremely important because it reminisces that of the Emmet Till accuser Carolyn Bryant Dunham, another GoldenSnitches alumni.

Refer to page: https://goldensnitches.com/carolyn-bryant-dunham/

So lets do what we usually do regarding most cases, lets dissect this garbage starting from what I've learned about her. Klein is a Missouri native born during the 60s (civil rights era), for those unaware Missouri is a southern state within the United States which heavily practiced Jim Crow. She is originally from Farmington, Missouri and graduated from the "University of Missouri" in 1987. She is also a performer and an actress and had her PhD. in Sociology and Biochemistry, which she went back for in 2008.

So why is she here? Well a New York woman dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” has sparked outrage after she called the police on a 9 year old boy for allegedly sexually assaulting her in a Flatbush, Brooklyn store. The woman has been identified as 53-year-old Teresa Sue Klein.

What caused this call to occur? Well according to surveillance video from the store it shows that the boy did not grab or sexually assault Klein. He accidentally bumped into her as he was walking out of the store with his mother and sibling. Teresa was so irate, she believe he had physically, and with intent, grabbed her butt. However, first lets dissect what went down during the phone call. The full incident was recorded by bystander, "Jason Littlejohn" who noticed the incident.

Full Incident Recorded by bystander "Jason Littlejohn": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkMPa3Z9dpg

In the video, Teresa Klein can be heard saying, “I want the cops here right now.” As she talks to a 911 dispatcher, a child, the 9 year old, can be heard crying and screaming for his mom as the mother tries to calm her kids down. Klein appears to acknowledge that she is being filmed because of her 911 call. “A white lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it. Yeah, they’re videotaping.” Klein can then be heard telling the dispatcher, “the son grabbed my ass. And she decided to yell at me. There are security cameras,” she said she wanted officers to come to get the “security tape for evidence.” As she talks to the dispatcher, bystanders can be heard telling Klein to leave and go home. Klein then waves to the camera as the boy continues crying “mommy.” Littlejohn then calls Klein “Cornerstore Caroline,” while telling the boy not to cry. Klein then tells the dispatcher, while also yelling at Littlejohn, “I was just sexually assaulted by a child.” (f*cking disgusting) At that point in the video, the mother and her children left the area. Klein can be heard telling the dispatcher that she is either going to go down to the local precinct or the officers can come to her apartment so she can tell them what happened. As Klein finishes her conversation with the 911 dispatcher, another white woman arrives at the scene and learns what is going on. “Is she serious?” the unidentified woman can be heard asking, after she is told that Klein was calling the police. Klein then turns to Littlejohn and waves at him, saying, “upload that to World Star,” a reference to the viral video and hip-hop site.

The other woman then tries to intervene, telling Klein, “Go away. What is your problem? I’m calling you out. You can’t just call the police on a child.” After the other woman tells her she is “shameful,” Klein says, “Oh honey. You cannot shame me. You are a child. You are young enough to be my daughter. When you’re 53-years-old…” She then gets into the woman’s face and says, “do what? do what? do what?” while another bystander tries to break them up. Klein tells the other woman, “from one white girl to another, make the point to the entire audience.” The video ends after a few more seconds of arguing between the two women.

It was at this time, the surveillance footage was obtained and reviewed by police.

Full surveillance footage of incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehfS_sftsck

Surveillance video, which you can watch above, shows that the boy did not sexually assault or grope Teresa Klein. The video, which does not have any audio, shows Klein leaning over the counter at the store when the boy walks behind her after his mother. As he accidentally brushes against her with his side and backpack, Klein turns around and looks at him. The video shows Klein then arguing with the mother. The surveillance video ends with Klein taking out her phone and calling the police. NYPD officers arrived about 17 minutes after her call. They did not file a report because everyone had left the scene, according to Ramos.

Teresa Sue Klein spoke to WPIX-TV and stood by her story, the news station reports. She told reporters, “I was standing at the counter, and I was sexually assaulted. I understand how it looks but she escalated and then I lost my temper at her not at that child.” Klein said she has been harassed since the video went viral and told the news station she thought she had been sexually assaulted. “As far as I could tell from the way it felt on my butt, that’s what had happened. It’s not the first time I’ve been grabbed in the ass by a kid.”

She returned to the store on Friday and watched the surveillance video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joLes95k57M

While there, Klein was confronted by neighbors and reporters, according to the New York Post. Klein told The Post, “I would like to apologize to her daughter and her son but not to her (the boy’s mother). She could have walked away, but she didn’t. I’m also a Buddhist, but I let my temper show,” Klein said. “I’ve been called racist before, and I’m not,” Klein added. She gave a message to the boy after watching the surveillance footage, telling reporters, “I was wrong. Young man, I don’t know your name but I’m sorry.” The interview with Klein was interrupted by neighbors who said they have had enough of Klein and told reporters she has a history of calling the police. Jason Littlejohn, who recorded the video and posted it online, said, “How could he be sexually assaulted by a nine-year-old child who is walking by. He was so traumatized by the situation he started crying, his sister started crying.”

It doesnt stop there, then there was the incident regarding a point in the video where she stated she was a cop. In the video, Klein claims that the woman told her she is a police officer and flashed some sort of badge while threatening to arrest her. Klein tells the other white woman that she wasn’t calling the police on the child, but on his police officer mother. Witnesses said the mother was telling Klein she was going to call the police, which Klein possibly misheard as her saying she was a cop. “His mother was saying she was going to call the police. Me and my son were recording it, thinking if the white [woman] call the police, who knows, maybe the mom could go to jail,” Joni Torian, who witnessed the dispute, told the New York Post.

Klein told The New York Post that the mother did claim to be a police officer and flashed a badge. She also says the mother called to threaten her after the incident, leaving a voicemail. None of that has been proved. She told WABC-TV News that she would still like to press charges against the mother for allegedly threatening her life.

Klein told The New York Post she is an unemployed “feminist and humanist.” Her neighbors told The Post that Klein has a history of racist incidents, including calling 911. Some said she has written “racial slurs” on the sidewalk. Hazel Freeman, a pastor who lives in the same building as Klein, told The Post, “People moved out of the building because of her. She’s terrorizing the building. She would call me up and tell me my son is smoking weed in the hallway. He’s married and he lives in Canarsie.”

Well I think thats enough, since the incident has gone viral, she has deactivated social media but blamed it on others sharing her personal information. Now lets get to how I feel, this case is disturbing. Not because she is a nutcase because clearly she has some screws loose up there. Its how normally shes willing to go to give a minor as young as 9 a criminal record over something she thought had happened. This mirrors the Emmet Till case exactly and during those times, Emmet was kidnapped and lynched to the point he was unidentifiable. That was back than, what if this case had happened during those times? Whose to say that 9 year old child would not have met the same fate as Emmet Till all those years ago. This witch is disgusting, garbage, and like many of the bystanders say a poor excuse for life on Earth.

If a minor touches you inappropriately, best case scenario is to talk to the guardian or to the minor all civil because its more in the sense that the individual doesn't understand what they have done. When you call the police on a minor over something like that well calling the authorities on innocent children puts unnecessary pressure on an already stretched police force, puts young people needlessly at risk for altercations with law enforcement, and instills fear, terror, anguish, and distrust in any community.

However, this thing known as Teresa Sue Klein has no regret or remorse. Also nobody would ever touch your flat ass. Also get the f*ck out of Flatbush. Disgusting.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 87 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Unemployed Tramp
Sexual Orientation: Pedophile

Social Media Links:

Deactivated all forms of social media after according to her, "People discovered her personal information and shared it on the internet".

Personal Line: (646) 484-8620 (Not sure if taken down)
Address in Brooklyn: 280 21st Street Apartment 4J, New York, New York