Timothy Griffin Blake




Markham and eglinton 647 550 2365

Snitch Biography:

Timmy the Snitch meth/crack addicted , (also is gay and dates girls who are too stupid to notice ALSO evidence photo for reference ) *** EDIT: GOLDENSNITCHES.COM HAD TO REMOVE ADDITIONAL POSTED CONTENT DUE TO SENSITIVE INFORMATION/IMAGES PRESENT ***
Timmy spends a lot of time at happyland bar on birchmount & eglinton and Caddies drity ol' strip joint "Eglinton Inn " hotel
and likes to call 222 tips on anyone and everyone, he has a HUGE stutter, and is known as a hood hopping false claiming snitch.
He has testified so many times its just a shame.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 6foot
Weight: 150
Tattoos: a ton of self done shitty tattoos
Clothing Style:buckte, ripped jeans and bent up fitted caps

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