Tommy Snitch 9ine, Takashi Narc,




Citrus Heights California, Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville CA

Snitch Biography:

In the Picture you will see the world famous exposed Undercover Cop Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree, the lame next to her is Tommy Clark who is also a cop and the reflection in the mirror is that of the famous paper work snitch Tabatha Sherman. The Photo is from Citrus Heights Police Undercover Officer Nicole Rizzi's Myspace, her myspace is under her pseudonym of Mandee Andree, I will post a link in this Bio. The photo was also taken in 2014 when Tommy Clark was supposedly locked up but as you can see in the photo he is not locked up at all and he is in fact held up with fellow undercover cop Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree. Tommy Clark claims to be a Skin Head as his cover and he usually has Rainbow colored hair always and its usually in a big spiked mohawk which is mixed blonde, pink, purple, green. He is a total fruit and his Character is a joke. What kind of Skinhead has rainbow hair and runs with all verified badged undercover cops such as Nicole Rizzi, One who is also a cop. As you can see in the photo he has his hair normal and he is not in costume. You will also notice that undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree has an adult diaper on her purse and she is obviously wearing one also as you can see her pants are poofed out, her and Tabatha Sherman are supposed to be a part of some weirdo group called ABDL, I'm not going to go all into what those weirdos do but you can look it up for yourself, it's disturbing to think that Citrus Heights Police have diaper wearing undercover cops that they are out here framing people with. You will also notice that undercover CHPD officer is packing a Meth pipe in her hands, so not only are CHPD weirdos and dirty they are meth addicts as well. These are Joe Agulair's A-team of undercovers as he claims it is his operation and runs the undercovers and informants. Watch out for these fools. As you will see in the links the CHPD will do fake arrests on these people for cover I will post the link from when undercover CHPD officer Nicole Rizzi aka Mandee Andree was involved in a meth bust in Roseville CA and was listed as arrested and I will post a link to her true identity with photos of when she was exposed as an undercover cop in Washington DC I will also post a link to Tommy Clark being fake arrested and the reason they do these fake busts is to maintain cover and to promote fake bad guys so they can plant them in with people to snitch on. Stay away from these people and you will avoid jail, arm your self with knowledge and be aware of people they run with as well all the cops run together and because there are so many they vouch for each other but they are all no good. You can see the big difference from his costume and him in the photo with undercover Nicole Rizzi. Anyone with her is CHPD

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 6 foot
Weight: Fat
Tattoos: Nazi tattoos
Clothing Style: Uncover costume
Sexual Orientation:Unknown

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