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Brampton, Ontario (Canada) | Newark, New Jersey | Austin, Texas | California (America)

Snitch Biography:

Boy! Its about time we welcome our first athlete, to be frankly honest, onto the "Golden Snitches Hall of Fame". I also want to formally introduce that this individual will be added as our inaugural first-ever "Thot Snitch" on this domain. A thot snitch, is an individual who sleeps with many people over time for pleasure or prominence. These individuals go onto scapegoat either themselves or those they end up being intimate with. So many are familiar with Tristan Thompson. You ask your kids whose Tristan Thompson, they say, "That's the guy dating Khloe Kardashian!". That's all they know and it irks me to even have to talk about this Brampton L. Before we get to why hes here, lets get to familiarize about who he is first.

Tristan Trevor James Thompson (born March 13, 1991) is a Brampton Canadian professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played one season of college basketball for Texas before being drafted fourth overall by the Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA draft. He also represents Canada in international competition. Thompson won an NBA championship with the Cavaliers in 2016.

In his early years, born in Toronto to Jamaican parents, Thompson attended St. Marguerite d'Youville Secondary School in Brampton for his freshman year. After driving from Brampton twice to visit a prep school in the United States, Thompson decided to attend Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey for his sophomore year along with fellow University of Texas at Austin commit Myck Kabongo. He cited the increase in exposure and skill level as his reason for transferring. Thompson spent his sophomore and half his junior year at St. Benedict's, making an immediate impact and showing flashes of brilliance. From there he competed in many tournaments and eventually made it to the NCAA.

On June 23, 2011, Thompson was drafted fourth overall in the 2011 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the time, he was the highest drafted Canadian-born player in NBA history, that was until Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins were selected with the first overall pick in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Thompson continued to make history, drafted alongside Joseph, who was picked 29th by the San Antonio Spurs, one of only two occasions in NBA history that two Canadians were selected in the first round of the same draft, the other being in 1983 when Leo Rautins and Stewart Granger were selected 17th and 25th respectively. The 2011 draft was also the first time three Texas Longhorn basketball players went in the first round of a draft, when Thompson's former collegiate teammate Jordan Hamilton went 26th overall to the Dallas Mavericks. In the 2015-16 season with the Cavaliers, he won his first ring as his team went on to win their very first championship.

Thompson is the oldest of four sons of Trevor and Andrea Thompson, who are from Jamaica. His younger brother Dishawn played high school basketball for Wesley Christian High School in Allen, Kentucky, where he was a highly rated prospect. He is also the cousin of former Virginia State University football standout and former Canadian Football League defensive tackle Jemal Thompson. In 2013, Thompson founded the Amari Thompson Fund, which works closely with Epilepsy Toronto to raise funds and awareness to support those affected by epilepsy. Thompson's youngest brother Amari has the neurological disorder and experiences seizures almost daily due to his condition.

All this aside, why is he here?

Well the reason he's being inducted has more to do with his relationship life. Tristan Thompson has two children in total. In 2014, he dated a beautiful model and lifestyle blogger by the name of Jordan "Jordi" Craig, a relationship which spanned the course of two years until 2016. Jordan Craig is Eniko Parrish's cousin, Eniko is the current spouse of Kevin Hart. However, their relationship was cut as soon as Jordi became pregnant with their son, Prince Oliver Thompson. Why did it get cut? Well Jordi had discovered Tristan had been getting intimate with none other than Khloe Kardashian at-least six months into her pregnancy. This was later confirmed as tabloids posted photos and articles showing both Khloe and Tristan together from a blind date. Since than after a dual-custody battle, Jordan immediately cut ties with the man. He couldn't help himself I guess. This was not only the start of Tristan's rise as Brampton's walking L but it was also the introduction to his weird habit of thottery nobody had begun to notice.

Tristan and Khloe's relationship soon had begun to blossom. They really started dating in August 2016. After eight months of dating, Khloe was ready for him to propose. On December 2017, Tristan had done the unthinkable and bred Khloe, yup. They announced they were expecting their first child, simultaneously so was Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott. Oh it doesn't end here. By April 2018, as Khloe had gone under labour, Tristan wasn't with her. It was soon discovered through a TMZ video that had surfaced online that Tristan was caught cheating... again. Yes! The Brampton L strikes back! In the video, Tristan appeared to canoodle with a brunette as they partied at NYC rooftop hotspot PH-D before heading to Soho House, where he was spotted kissing the Kardashian look-alike. Tristan spent multiple nights with the curvy Instagram model later identified as Lani Blair, and eyewitnesses told Page Six that Tristan was “looking around cautiously … and holding the door for her.” Page Six exclusively reported that pregnant Khloé “went ballistic” and “was devastated” after hearing that Tristan had cheated on her. All the stress from the scandal may have taken a toll on Khloé, as she went into labor within a few days of the scandal and gave birth on April 12. Tristan was in the delivery room with her.

However, even after all that, they still reconciled their relationship. Khloé and Tristan were spotted publicly for the first time since the cheating scandal broke, dining at Cleveland restaurant Town Hall. They were described as acting “cordial” with each other. Sources also told Page Six that Khloé decided to take Tristan back for the sake of their family. The couple soon went to couple's therapy. “Khloé has stuck with Tristan because she loves him.. she has stuck with him over the objections of her mom and her sisters, who begged her to bring the baby back to LA and live with the family,” the source said. “They are worried about Khloé but she insists she’s putting their baby first, and she wants to stay a family.”

At this point as I'm writing this I want to put a gun to my head. Toronto had a field day with this story, and that's when Toronto dubbed him, "Brampton's Walking L". Tristan's father even laughed at his own son. Although Thompson is close to his mother, he has had some rocky times with his dad Trevor Thompson, who once took to social media and accused Thompson of basically abandoning his first child to be with Khloe Kardashian. According to Bet, an IG user commented, “Talk some sense into Tristan PLEASE. Prince Oliver will one day question his father,” to which Tristan’s father sent a strongly worded response to the user.
“Tristan act like he does not have a father…. what goes around comes right back around… watch and see he’s a want to be a man. Tristan only listen to himself and mother what a joke they don’t know any better... lol sad sad sad shame on them time will tell watch and see.” He then went on to praise his own father and accused Thompson of not respecting his last name. “There’s nothing like having a father in your life for guidance…. I give thanks each and every day for my DAD who knows what time a day it is... Tristan dose not respect his last name Thompson because he is $85 million stupid. “Khloe has a boy and a baby too raise.” Though the story still doesn't end.

Even after all this reconciling and getting caught cheating, this wasteman cheats again. On February 2019, Tristan got caught cheating on Khloé again, this time, with Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Kennedy. The two were apparently seen at a club kissing and touching. Khloé has reportedly dumped her unfaithful beau, hopefully for the last time, if fans have anything to say about it. The reason he is a thot snitch is because of this. Hes a serial cheater and this move, going after your half-sister's best friend, someone who is part of the family even before you; after even getting caught cheating multiple times grants you the biggest L. Bigger than Brampton itself.

This is the story of a Brampton L. Whose man's is this? He wanted to be future and have 5 different baby mommas, nope. N***a you upset me, you're setting a bad example to your sons. His sons and his son's sons about to grow up with single mothers. Serial cheater...

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican Canadian
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 238 Lbs
Tattoos: Chest, arms, shoulders
Clothing Style: Boujee
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual serial cheater

Social Media Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realtristan13/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialtristanthompson/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realtristan13